ST NEWS was an Atari ST/TT/Falcon multimedia disk magazine edited by Richard Karsmakers and/or Stefan Posthuma from the summer of 1986 to the summer of 1996. During those ten years, a variety of things happened to both the magazine and the 'scene' it was part of, many of which are chronicled on this site.

Most interestingly, each and every ST NEWS article can be viewed right from within this site, featuring a look and feel remarkably similar to the original issues, right down to the Atari ST font! Also, each article/picture/etc. can be invidually commented upon.

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...over 100 pictures and a few videos that in some way illustrate the world of (and around) ST NEWS

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...a miscellany of freeware/shareware offerings, including a bunch of third-party disk magazines


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Site Itstory

...the history of these very pages you're watching


The following people have helped with the establishment of this site: Technically, it's practically all Frederic Poeydomenge and quite a bit of CODEF by Karl Cullen. Special vanity enablers are Fredrik Olsson, Armin Hierstetter, Klaus Berg, Rob Cowell, Fabrice Odero, Stefan Colombier, Jan Krupka, Marco Breddin, Mickael Pointier, Michael Raasch, Saïd Hadjiat, Alexander de Vries, Gard and Jardar Eggesbø Abrahamsen, Kai Jourdan, Erik Simon, Laurent Fargues and Karl Cullen. Of course, thanks also need to go to the original 1986-1996 ST NEWS contributors, too many to sum up, of which I nonetheless feel original co-conspirator Frank Lemmen and master editor Stefan Posthuma need to be mentioned explicitly!