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On 26 July 2028, the world will see the release of the 42nd Anniversary Issue of ST NEWS! An event 4,543,000,2028 years in the making, it will be the most ambitious undertaking this side of the LateST NEWS Quest, with...

  • nearly 42 interviews
  • many improved and newly written features
  • "where are they now?" feature of many former co-conspirators
  • reviews of key musical and literary milestones
  • pixel graphics by Erik "Es of TEX" Simon & Stefan "Tyrem of TRB" Kimmlingen
  • in memoriams of people lost to the scene
  • an exclusive monochrome-only demo by DBug
  • an exclusive monochrome-only demo by Troed Sangberg
  • an exclusive colour-only demo by Leonard of Oxygene
  • an exclusive new tune by Gareth "gwEM" Morris
  • an exclusive ST tribute CODEF screen by Mellowman
  • an update of the ST swearing accessory, "Wowbagger"

It will be published on this site, and the plan is to release it as an actual Atari ST executable as well (using an emulator which will generate a downloadable disk image).

You could help me immensely by contacing me if you are (or if you know how to find) one of the following people...

  • Shiraz Shivji, USA
  • Bryan Kennerley, UK
  • Claus Brod, Germany
  • Lucas v/d Berg, Netherlands
  • Math Claessens, Netherlands
  • Piper, UK
  • Roy Stead, UK
  • Rufus C. Camphausen, Netherlands
  • Federico Bicini, Italy
  • Guido Stumpe, Germany
  • Richard Decowski (ST X-Press), USA
  • David Meile (MAST Newsdisk), USA
  • Dan Hollis, USA
  • André Lafreniere (F.A.S.T.E.R.), Canada
  • George Moschowitis, Greece
  • Christoph Berner, Switzerland
  • Les Ellingham (Page 6), UK
  • Richard Clarkson, Australia
  • Paul Glover (FaST Club), UK
  • Ray Lovell (W.A.C.E.), New Zealand
  • João Carlos V. Teixeira, Portugal
  • Krzysztof Wroblewski, Poland
  • Casper Falkenberg, Denmark
  • Jordi Maria Pau, Spain
  • Jesus Cea Avion, Spain
  • Petar Soldo, South Africa
  • a person who knows about ST/Falcon modding

If you can help in other ways (if you have idea or suggestions, for example) or want to help out in general, do contact me too.