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Future Plans

Actual ST NEWS article content will be kept 100% authentic, warts and all. More third-party disk magazine downloads will be added, hopefully until they're all there. Some small and rather less small things may/will be extended/fixed. A 42nd Anniversary issue should be added during the summer of 2028.

11 January 2022

Added a PDF scan of Andreas Ramos' wonderful "Your Second Manual to the Atari ST" to the downloads section. Check it out!

7 November 2021

Although not that noticeable, a lot changed in the back end of the site. The Typo3 CMS system was updated from 8.7.23 to 8.7.32, then to 9.5.30, then to 10.4.20, and eventually to the current 11.5.2. It was an arduous task (due to the Bootstrap framework having been updated from v3 to v5, too, it needed CSS and templates to be rebuilt too) done by the STaggeringly awesome Frederic "Dyno" Poeydomenge. I thank my lucky stars for his diligent and capable work, which cost him many hours of his free time. This site would literally need to discontinue without him. On the server side, PHP was updated to 8.0. Also, the Links page was checked and updated/corrected.

18 May 2021

Mike Mee found an issue of a wonderul and quite unique disk magazine. "The New Aladdin", which was consequently added to the downloads section.

3 June 2018

I was so bored that I read pretty much the entire scroller of "Synth Sample V" (the original demo). I found quite a few typos that I have consequently fixed in the CODEF version of it on this site.

8 March 2018

Extended the Downloads page to become a complete repository of all Atari ST/Falcon disk magazines ever. Eventually, this should contain a brief description of all of them, as well as downloads of all their issues. Obviously this will be an ongoing project, but quite a few issues and descriptions have already been added!

4 November 2017

Although the presence of the Volume 1 Compendium represented the best of the entire Volume 1, all actual separate Volume 1 issues have now also been added. For the completists!

30 September 2017

The credits at the bottom of the home page's left column have been replaced by a subtle CODEF scroller, listing just about everyone who can be said to have contributed, back then or in the more recent past, to the site you're viewing now. As the credits are extensive indeed, it'll be quite a read to check 'em all. Some small imperfections were fixed here and there as well.

2 March 2017

Added quite a few extra third-party disk magazines. Not all of them are complete, alas, but hopefully the future will change that.

28 January 2017

The banner graphics competition page has been changed to reflect the actual passing of the competition deadline. Prizes have been awarded, and announced on Facebook.

22 November 2016

Improved various gallery descriptions with further person and date details. Also added a bunch of new banners with a "there can only be one" text in various modern fonts, created with the aid of Also fixed the initial tune in the CODEF version of C64 Super Game Music Sampler III by updating the TinySID JS library.

12 September 2016

Added 19 new 8-bit-style logos created with the C64 charset logo generator at Github. Also corrected some typos (some of which also prevented the scrollers from being readable until the end) in the "Out of Bounds" and "Synth Sample V" CODEF screens.

22 August 2016

Added what is hopefully the complete set of Norwegian ST Klubben disk magazine issues to the third party disk magazine downloads section.

20 August 2016

Extended and/or corrected various Thalion-related descriptions in the Gallery, and added a link to the "Atari ST the Creative People" book kickstarter pre-order.

4 August 2016

A number of CODEF versions of the 8-bit and 16-bit demos made by ACC, as well as an entirely new one, have been added. Note that Atari ST "Synth Sample IV" has a hidden bunch of bonus tunes, accessible by pressing the ENTER key.

31 July 2016

Added all issues of "STEN", "Toxik" and "Massive Mag" to the downloads section.

24 July 2016

Added many downloads, including Stefan's "The ArtiST" and a whole bunch of other disk magazines. Also extended the "Links" section.

6 July 2016

Karl "Mellowman" Cullen made a very cool CODEF version of the February 2016 "Synth Sample V" demo. The result can be found through the Issues > Bonus Materials menu.

4 July 2016

After some feedback by visitors, the gallery has become easier to browse. The downloads are now provided in .ST as well as .ZIP file formats. A handful of typos and other errors have also been fixed.

27 June 2016

With Dyno having finished the final three mono CODEF screens in the past week, the Ultimate Finishing Moment has arrived!

4 June 2016

Added two videos to the Visual Gallery (the 1989 ST NEWS Home Vid' and the 1991-1993 QX Home Videos), now bringing the grand total to 102 pictures and 5 videos.

29 May 2016

Most of the 'modern' banners have been removed, and quite a few old skool banners (basically blown-up 8/16-bit font stuff) have been added.

25 May 2016

Dyno finished another CODEF screen (the Volume 4 Issue 4 In Flagranti one). Also, each page (including each separate ST NEWS article) is now individually commentable.

17 May 2016

One more CODEF screen created!

10 May 2016

The Visual Gallery has been extended with a whole load of pictures, many of them probably never having been seen outside the Karsmakers and Posthuma households. Also added one more CODEF screen.

18 April 2016

Picture zoom added.

1 April 2016

Stylesheet has been edited to vastly improve mobile device functionality. Now the actual ST NEWS issues can be read on your phone, which wasn't the case previously.

22 March 2016

A few CODEF screens have been added. Still five to go, and one or two of them need to be altered a bit.

1 March 2016

A competition page has been set up to find out who can make the coolest ST NEWS banner. With really cool prizes too!

26 February 2016

The new 21st-century-compatible design has gone live, including random ST NEWS logo banners.

24 February 2016

With the addition of most scroll texts and music CODEF screens, 30 issues are now complete. Only 8 issues still to finish up, with demo screens that will be tackled by Karl Cullen and Frederic Poeydomenge as and when they have time. Various other things have also been added: a "Bonus Materials" menu with content unique to some of the Compendium issues; proper DESKTOP.INF/NEWDESK.INF files in the .ST images; a proper Search option; a 'Random Article' option.

11 February 2016

With all issues present, the new ST NEWS site goes live on It includes a quick select menu to some choice articles, some of the built-in demos in CODEF format (converted by the amazing Karl "Mellowman" Cullen), the original downloads (plus the new "Synth Sample V" release!) and a cool little bonus in the form of the "Ultimate Virus Killer Book", which was originally released in an ST NEWS-style shell in August 1996.

15 September 2015

The ST NEWS Volume 1 Compendium starts the list of issues that are featured on the site in their entirety.

28 August 2015

Frederic "Dyno" Poeydomenge uploads a basic proper CMS prototype of the site on a separate domain, enabling a total overhaul of the site featuring an ST NEWS-like reading experience where every single article of every single ST NEWS issue will be accessible. After nearly 9 years of zombie-like inactivity, the site is getting a new lease on life!

May 1998 - April 2007

The site was set up and maintained as and when time allowed. Due to eventual time (and motivational) constraints it was then frozen and intended never to be altered - a historic snapshot as it were.