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ST NEWS International Christmas Coding Convention

...the STNICCC 1990, 2000, 2015 and possibly 2032 events, including Atari Scene Central

The Atari ST and the Creative People

...Volume 2 of this wonderful book series is currently underway and can be pre-ordered here!


...everything about Plantiac, a.k.a. the Divine Fluid, and the Plantinga distillery (a totally redesigned version of the site will be finished during or after summer 2018)


...most extensive multi-language automated insult site ever, ultimately the brain child of the imaginations of the ST NEWS editorial staff


...the archive of most reviews and interviews that appeared in W3M3, later Metal-e-Zine

Twilight World

...the fiction-only magazine that superceded ST NEWS

Karl Cullen

...the man responsible for most of this site's CODEF demo conversions and creator of the awesome CODEF Demo Maker


...Frederic Poeydomenge, he who is responsible for converting all issues of ST NEWS into this fabulous and invaluable website, as well as quite a few of the CODEF screens


...wonderful, huge and detailed multi-format scene support site co-maintained by the enthusiastic and talented Stefan "Lotekstyle" Benz


...vast multi-format demo scene resource

WAB where a variety of old skool demo screens have been recreated using the ingenious CODEF framework, maintained by CODEF creator Antoine "Nonameno" Santo

DemoBaseST you can find Dave Haylett's official DemoBase ST (totally revamped during 2018), the definitive repository of Atari ST demos of which all individual screens can be admired at will in a very user-friendly and via-the-web-updatable graphical user interface