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The banners

Most of the banners at the top of this site are blown-up versions of classic pixel art logos or scroll text fonts from 'the good old days'. This site needs more different banners. That's why graphics artists are asked to create additional ones!

The requirements

  • Picture total size should be 1140x280 pixels
  • Old skool pixel art on a dark background is preferred (8-bit style is cool too)
  • It's "ST NEWS", not "ST-NEWS" and definitely not "STNEWS"
  • Alternatively, "there can only be one" slogan banners are welcome, too (these can also be done in a modern graphics style)
  • Please specify how you'd like to be credited
  • Send it to banner at st-news dot com
  • You may submit as many logos as you want
  • Banners will or will not be used on the ST NEWS site at the webmaster's discretion