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? Atomic Flash

In 1988 or 1989, Stefan and me had ST NEWS T-shirts made. Back in the day, this was a clumsy process involving individual adhesive felt shapes being ironed onto a regular white T-shirt. The first incarnation of the T-shirt had “ST WHAT?” on the front and “ST FUCKIN’ NEWS THAT’S WHAT!” on the back (inspired by a cult Yngwie Malmsteen T-shirt). The question- and exclamation marks needed to be cut from other letters, as they seemed not to exist.

Several years later, July 1992, a rather more professional version was made with “ST NEWS – THE Atari ST Disk Magazine” on the front and "There can be only one..." on the back. This was taken to many interviews to be used for shameless self-promotion.

This picture was taken in Yngwie’s hotel in Rotterdam, before he was going to shred people’s faces off in Nighttown that evening.