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During my initial time working at Thalion I lived in Holger Flottmann’s new place together with Nic “Nic of TCB” Thisell. Holger still lived at his parents and the old office at the Königstrasse was used as regular office space. We needed some place to live, so this was the solution. Because we were supposed to have to move out to more suitable lodgings at any time, neither of us really ever properly unpacked. Hence the total chaos in the living room. There were two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen (which we never used, duh!) and a bathroom which only had a bath and no shower curtain. On 8 January 1990 Thalion assumed new office space and after Holger had been pushed out of Thalion I moved into the old office, on 15 May 1990. Nic had nearly finished “Enchanted Land” and opted to finish it back in Stockholm (holding the entire game ransom until Thalion paid up – a wise choice as the company was having the beginnings of financial trouble then). I lived in the old office premises until I left Thalion on 22 March 1991.