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Don't yawn in the shower -- you might drown...
Bill Cosby

by Richard Karsmakers

..., before I start to write down anything, I would like to
apologise to someone, also on behalf of Stefan?
...these apologies go to Torbjørn Ose, who we called 'Tobjørn' in
the previous issue?
...we also forgot to mention him in the 'Colofon'?
...we are again, deeply sorry?
...we hope he will forgive us for this fatal mistake?
...this 'Did you know that....' column was not only written by
...our dear friend Piper also assisted?
...Piper is now very active in England, where he writes a lot for
the "ST Club Newsletter"?
...we're allowed to use Piper's "ST Club" material?
...this is issue 3 of Volume 4? is launched on Saturday, May 20th 1989 (which also happens
to be the birthday of another ST user on my student's floor,
Marius)? is the 24th issue of ST NEWS?
...the next one will therefore be the 25th (anniversary time!!)?
...this 24th issue, anyway is dedicated to the Norwegian people,
especially Ronny, Torbjørn and Frøystein?'s people like this that make ST NEWS worth while?
...separate attention to these people is given elsewhere in this
issue of ST NEWS (in an article that you MUST read!)?
...the next issue will be dedicated to the English folk, for
reasons obvious when you've read the "4.4 Preview" article?
...this issue's GREAT music was again done by Jochen? is an original Martin Galway composition called "Comic
Bakery" (from the C-64 game), and was done with Jochen's
latest synthesizer program?
...he really outdid himself this time?
...this month's artwork was done by Thorsten Mutschall?
...Thorsten also co-operated in making the new Rainbow Arts game
...he did the graphics (of course)?
...this ST NEWS' picture is called "Eagle Girl"?
...we hope that the next issue of ST NEWS (the One Issue) will
feature some artwork by....Pete Lyon?
...this is not yet sure?
..., as I write this, there is a little dog walking on my table?'s a small Yorkshire Terrier called "Pascha", the dog of
Miranda (remember the "Chocolate Mousse Stories" in ST NEWS
Volume 4 Issue 1?)?
...her parents are gone and she has to take care of the hamster-
like creature?
...she has to go to school, however?
...I thus have to take care of it several times?
...this is the last issue of ST NEWS before the One Issue? will be able to read what this One Issue is all about in a
separate article, elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
...Volume 4 Issue 5 might also be quite revolutionary, though
this is really EXTREMELY uncertain? should take a quick peek at this issue's demo screens (in
color-as well as mono mode)?
...Stefan really outdid himself this time?
...he busted open the lower border in the color version?
...there's some neat scrolling effects as well?
..., further, the screen features mega-many colours, animation,
many rasters, moving shapes, and lots of subtle tricks?
...the screen also features some of my latest 'artwork'; an
animated pacman?
...I actually spent two full hours doing those graphics in "Degas
Elite", without ever seeing the actual result of how they
would be animated? I hope it looks reasonable?
...the monochrome scrolling even features a new character set? wobbles, drizzles, flollops (very floopily), rotates, etc.?
...Stefan also designed a totally new text compression routine
that uses word counts?
...this should assure more articles in ST NEWS than ever (at
least, a larger total number of kilobytes)?
...I will soon buy an Amiga (very soon)?
...I never thought I could go this low?
...I did?
...the machine is perfectly suitable for running demos, playing
games and making backups of ST software?
...I might go and write some articles for "Amiga News" as well
...I made a solemn pledge to myself NOT EVER to program on the
...its operating system is far too lousy for that?
...there are no sufficient words to describe the lack of
EVERYTHING in the Amiga OS?'s childish, over-flexible, and everything except full-
...I will obtain it at reduced price through Commodore directly?
...I am also momentarily learning 'C'?
..., if someone would have predicted this some time ago, I would
have declared him totally insane?
...'C' really is a very structured language, though not as fast
and compact as machine code?
...I use "Turbo C" for my computer-language explorations?
...this package was a bit expensive, however?
...learning C will hopefully enable me to upgrade to other
systems easier (if in any case I'd have to)?
...I've been reading "Programming from Basic to C" from Data
Becker?'s CRAMMED with spelling errors, typos and more of the like?
...Stefan also teaches me some C?
...the Dutch yet international disk magazine "News Channel" has
...we regret this, in spite of the fact that our relationship
wasn't perfect?
...the mag took care that we tried as hard as we could to be
...our readers surely had benefit from this?
...a separate article in this issue, written by Gaston Smit of
"News Channel", will tell you more about this?
...a total of four "News Channel" issues were published?
...we wish these guys lots of success with further projects on
the ST and, when applicable, their education? seems like ST NEWS is about the only disk magazine that
keeps on surviving?
..."News Channel" now joins the list that already contained the
German "STOP", Canadian "F.A.S.T.E.R.", Dutch "ST Info" and
(though I am not sure about this) German "CIP ST"?
..."Mast Newsdisk" (published by our good friend and Northern
U.S.A. distributor David Meile) had also recently been put on
...this was due to work, studies, and a girl?
...the girl's called Ann, and from what I've heard she's kinda
...I am actually waiting for David to start writing romantic
articles for use in ST NEWS?
...he should've proposed to her by now, according to his latest
...I surely hope it all worked out like David hoped?
...Stefan and myself recently wrote a 60 Kb 'crazy letter' to
Frøystein Hustadnes, one of our faithful Norwegian readers? was quite a funny letter featuring lots of religious nuts?
...this issue will here and there feature more reli-nuts in the
...Wilfried de Graaf has left Atari Benelux to join Zenith?
...he used to be a very fond supporter of Atari STs in education,
for which he tried to persuade our minister of Education,
...he is now said to have gone to Deetman and persuade him to use
MS-DOS systems?!
...many of Atari's people have now joined Zenith as well?
...Software Horizons is launching a sound sampler called "Master
Sound"? looks very much like "Pro Sound Designer" in design and
...the package is due for release soon, so that you'll probably
be able to get it as you read this?
...there is a £1000 competition attached to it?
...the competition involves making a MEGA-MIX with the sampler?
...the cartridge costs £34.95, and was designed by the people
behind "Replay 4" and "AMAS" (an Amiga sound sampler)?
..., for info, you can contact Software Horizons at (England) 01-
446-9146 (ask for Mungo Amyatt-Leir), or write to Software
Horizons, 5 Oakleigh Mews, London N20 9QH, England?
...Firebird's "Rainbow Islands", the follow-up to "Bubble
Bobble", will soon be launched on the ST?
...Stefan is very busy getting the game a.s.a.p. through Telecom?
...the main man behind this game is Andrew Braybrook, well known
on the 8-bit machines for titles like "Paradroid" and
...the game is written on basis of a custom Multi-Tasking
operating system, written by Dominic Robinson?
...Telecom Software, Firebird's 'mother company', was bought by
...there will probably be some reorganisations there? is not yet certain whether the "Silverbird" label will
...Magnetic Scrolls is working on a new generation range of
...some of them will be text-only?
...they have developed a totally new adventure programming
...when I asked Anita Sinclair of Magnetic Scrolls about any
names, she told me not to be able to mention them due to the
...she did say we could have a look at their latest adventures
and forthcoming releases when we visit her company in July?
...Psygnosis' new game, "Blood Money", is looking very good on
the screenshots, with excellent graphics?
...they told me it was "Psygnosis' greatest achievement to date,
a staggering blast of thrill-power that makes all other arcade
games seem pre-historic"?
...I am looking forward to receiving the final game? looks a bit like "Menace", but features better graphics
(over 1 megabyte, they claim) and costs £29.95 (!)?
...I will have to wait until August for this one, however, since
that is the date on which it will be ready?
..."Aquaventura" will also be ready by that time?
..."Blood Money" also has aspects of "Cybernoid II"?
...Psygnosis is now also focusing attention on the 8-bit machines
as well as MS-DOS?
...Electronic Arts is re-launching their classics at a lower
...this means a tag of £9.99?
...titles feature "The Bard's Tale", "Chessmaster 2000", "Marble
Madness", "Skyfox II", "Arcticfox" and "Music Construction
...a new title at £24.99 includes "Battle Chess"?
...this chess program (2D/3D - you choose) offers ten levels of
play and an opening library of 30,000 moves? also features a possibility to play through modem?
..."Populous", however, is their best release uptil now?'s set to become a classic among classics?
...Microprose is signing up a lot of 'smaller' labels as well?
...they already signed up Mike Singleton's label last time, and
now they signed up Incentive?
...Microprose will be launching the Incentive titles, "Dark Side"
and "Total Eclipse", under the MicroStaus label?
..."Dark Side" is the sequel to the impressive 3D game,
...Microprose is also doing "Microprose Soccer" on the ST?
...this is said to feature full-screen, 8-way scrolling? also allows overhead kicks, banana shots, weather, sliding
and tackles? is based on the hugely successful "Soccer" on the Commodore
...I hope this will be a truly excellent soccer game, though I
somehow doubt the 'scrolling full-screen in 8 directions' bit?
...screenshots look promising?
...Microprose will also publish a motorracing game called
"RVF", based on the Honda RVF Motorbike?
...Stefan and myself will also visit Microprose in July?
...we will also be taken to a flight in the company jet?
...Atari is trying to stop the enormous boom in DIY upgrades?
...they now supply STs with surface mounted RAMs, that are
impossible to install without specialist equipment?
...Atari UK's John Haig, when asked what people would have to do
when they wanted more memory, commented that they should buy a
new computer? (Thanks John)
...there is word of a new sound unit for the ST? does not feature the infamous AMY soundchip, but is said to
combine the AMY's characteristics (except for one - its
unavailability)? should be ready by mid-summer?
...TOS 1.4 should be available as you read this, according to
...the ACTUAL launch might differ (like history tought us)?
...I haven't had any of those bloomin' GNATS on my room
since...well, since the launch of ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 2?
...I think that's GREAT?
...there is, again, a new version of the "Virus Destruction
Utility"? is, as you could guess, version 3.5GB?
...all the link-virus-scan-partition-bugs have been removed?
...Stefan had actually programmed that routine, so he also
debugged it?
...there has also been some-optimising?
...the link-virus scanner is now 50% faster than earlier?
...there are big chances of the "VDU" worldwide rights being sold
to a company I cannot yet mention?
...this would mean large advertisements and large sales?
...Jason Becker (the best guitarist in the world except for one)
was SEVENTEEN years old when he recorded his "Perpetual Burn"
album, a bit over half a year ago?
...I could barely play the major C chord at that age?
..., as a matter of fact, I listen to that CD at this very
...I like it more every moment I play it?
...the U.S. magazine "ST Log" is published by the same company
that publishes a nudie-magazine called "Hustler"?
..."Hustler" features beautiful females, with EXTREMELY BLOWN OUT
details of certain parts of their anatomy?
...Robin "Good Morning Vietnam"/"Mork & Mindy" Williams also has
an ST?
...I find this very nice?
...Metallica recently launched a CD-single called "One"?'s much better than that "Harvester of Sorrow" single?
..."One" features live versions of "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and
...they are JUST BRILLIANT, and make it easy for me to revive the
Metallica concert from last November?
...their "One" video clip (regularly to be seen on MTV) is also
quite brill?
...Queensrÿche also launched a CD single recently?'s called "Eyes of a Stranger", and is THE ideal way to get
in touch with the band if you haven't heard any of its music
before? features "Eyes of a Stranger" (from Operation: Mindcrime),
"Walk in the Shadows" (from Rage for Order), "Queen of the
Reich" (from the "Queensrÿche" maxi) and "Take Hold of the
Flame" (from The Warning)?
...these are some of the best songs ever recorded by the band? CD player recently started acting really funny?
...all CDs suddenly played as if they were covered by a huge
layer of dust and ashes (which they weren't)?
...just as I was about to write a very depressing introductory
novelette about that for use in ST NEWS, it suddenly worked
...I am now again a quite happy man? might have malfunctioned a while because I use it quite
often? CD player plays at least 14 hours a day since I've stopped
my Biology study? computers runs about the same times?
...I am therefore glad I have a LOT of CDs? collection (sorry, I just have to say) at the moment lists
a massive 147 regular CDs, 18 single CDs and 10 2CDs?
...they feature about 120 hours of listening enjoyment?
...David Small (the guy behind "Magic Sac" and "Spectre", both
Apple MacIntosh emulators for the ST) is also a music-minded
...a friend of his told me David programmed all "Magic Sac" disk
I/O routines listening to Neil Young's "Live Rust"?
...I told him I programmed most of my "VDU" listening to either
Sodom, Metallica or Napalm Death?
...I write most of my articles listening to Guitar Masters and
Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as some Rush, synth (Jarre/Vangelis)
or Classical Music?
...Stefan listens to about the same music, but also has some hip
hop stuff to listen to, and more Dire Straits than I have?
...Atari Benelux is now finally stocking the CD ROMs?
...they already had 50 machines that they shipped out to dealers
and software developers?
...Atari Benelux is thinking of putting ALL ST NEWS issues of
Volume 2-4 on a PD Compact Disc that will be supplied to all
Dutch buyers of the device?
...a similar CD is already available for UK/USA buyers?
..., unfortunately, that one doesn't contain any ST NEWS issues?
...this would have been SO nice?
...this years PCM (Personal Computer Magazine) Show (19-22th of
April) was TRASH? had to pay 12.50 Dutch guilders to look at some dull
third-party manufacturers?
...there was not ONE computer company (no IBM, Atari, Archimedes,
Commodore....nothing)? was money down the drain?
...Mastertronic recently acquired the rights to some coin-op
machines for which The Sales Curve holds the licenses?
...titles include "Shinobi", "The Ninja Warriors", "Continental
Circus" (from Taito), "Silkworm" and "Gemini Wing" (from
..."Silkworm" will be the first to be launched, programmed by The
Sales Curve-owned 'Random Access'?
...the game got reviews that were unanimously positive, and the
screenshot we received looked extremely promising?
..."Silkworm" can be played by two players at once (one flying
the chopper and one driving the battle jeep)?
...the game has a release date of May 25th and a price tag of
...release dates for the 7-level shoot'-em-up "Gemini Wing" and
the martial arts game "Shinobi - Master Ninja" (both having
the same price tag as "Silkworm") are not yet set?
..."Shinobi" screenshots look a bit dull to me?
...I can't wait to get my hands on "Silkworm", though? can skip the questions at the start of "Leisure Suit Larry
in the Land of the Lounge Lizards" by pressing ALT-Q?
...the book "Your second manual to the Atari ST" (see full review
in ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 2) will be translated to Dutch?
...yours truly has the honour of taking care of that? is VERY difficult to translate, as there is a lot of
typical humour in it? is a very good, to-the-point, yet humorous book that nobody
should be without?'s the perfect thing for people that have miscellaneous
problems with their ST - beginners as well as pros? will be published by the Atari Computerclub Nederland
...Llamasoft recently launched a new game, that Jeff Minter
appeared to be pretty pleased with: "Gridrunner"?
..., just like "Andes Attack", it sells at £9.95?
...Mr. Minter thinks 16-bit software shouldn't necessarily be
more expensive than 8-bit stuff?
...he told me that programming "Gridrunner" on the ST was just as
simple/difficult to program as it was on the C-64?
...he will soon do "Attack of the Mutant Camels" on the ST?
...he is also thinking about "Revenge of the Mutant Camels",
which was earlier done by Mastertronic but crudely done and
thus a garbage program?
...a review of "Andes Attack" as well as "Gridrunner" can be
found elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
..."Gridrunner" is the first game that succeeds in addicting me
since Hewson's "Nebulus"?
...I have been playing it for HOURS and HOURS, neglecting
everything else?
...the review clearly states my state of mind in its introductory
novelette, that came straight from the heart? hiscore is OVER FIVE MILLION?!
...Stefan's totally into "Andes Attack"?
...he's been playing it for hours and hours, too?
...Stefan is VERY enthusiastic about us visiting the Games Guru
in July?
...I think it's extremely neat, too?
...the "Wizards" programming tricks series has ended in the
previous issue of ST NEWS?
...this issue of ST NEWS features the first part of a new
programming tricks series by The Lost Boys?
...the first part covers their 'Twist Scroll' from their "Def
Demo" (see review elsewhere in this ST NEWS)?
...they actually started machine code programming on basis of
some old source Stefan wrote in ST NEWS, about scrolling?
...they were very grateful to ST NEWS, and thus decided to answer
confirmative when I asked them if they would like to write for
...Tim (Manikin) will soon do his A levels?
...we wish him a lot of success (and a bit of luck as well!)?
...this issue of ST NEWS also features a review of a new German
disk magazine, called "ST Digital"?'s a commercial disk magazine that I already mentioned a
while back? costs DM 14.50 per issue and is thus quite cheap?
...we are at the moment negotiating with someone in Queluz,
Portugal, to become our 23rd distributor in the 22nd country?
...this would be very neat?
...Argonaut Software's Jez San is developing a new assembler for
the ST? is called "Argasm", is fully "Devpac"-compatible but 10
times faster?
...he also told me he's working on a fast flight simulator for
Electronic Arts, called "Hawk"?
...he told us we could preview it when we come to visit him, in
...Steve Bak has now started his own software development house,
though he still also works for Microdeal?
...he had to chuckle when I told him I had expected him to have
an icecream van by now (like rumours told)?
...they have quite a few games for the ST lined up, about which
specifications could not be printed here?
...these games could be pre-viewed by us when we visit his place
in July? of the games, that we were allowed to elaborate upon, is
called "Dogs of War"? should remember which magazine brought this news to you
...ST NEWS is always HOT ON THE NEWS?
...Ian Oliver, the author of "Carrier Command", is currently
working on another 3D game for Rainbird?
...he expects it to be a lot better than "Carrier Command", since
that was only his first project on the 16-bit machines?
...more details can't be revealed here?
...John Phillips, author of the innovative game "Nebulus" that
shook the software world in 1988, is working on a game called
"Scavenger"? will, like "Nebulus", be a simple yet difficult platform
game? will, according to John, be 'very original'?
...I do not for a single moment doubt the truth of this
...we WILL indeed visit many of these famous programmers in July?
...more details will be present in the article about "ST NEWS
Volume 4 Issue 4 preview"?
...Atari USA is said to be marketing a MIDI musical instrument
that is easy to use and easy to learn? is called the HOTZ keyboard?
...they are also doing a program called "Ultrascript"?
...this emulates postscript (type 47) on laser-as well as MATRIX
printers? costs $245, whereas the original Postscript 47 (that is
used on the Apple Laserwriter II) costs $950?
...the matrix-postscript quality is better than "Signum!"?
...CEKA, a U.S. based company, is just about ready with the
internal MacIntosh emulator I mentioned in the previous
issue's "Did you know that...."? will be called "Emu"?
...I will keep you posted on more info about this?
...a MacIntosh clone is now also ready (though not at CEKA)?'s a Mac+ with 1 Mb of internal RAM, selling at $799?
...this is much cheaper than the genuine Mac?
...Atari U.K. should be selling ROM TOS 1.4 pretty soon now
(maybe even as you read this)?
...they are slightly different from the USA ROMs, that have not
yet been finished?
...Progressive Peripherals and Software (a US based company that
was famous on the C-64 for "Wizard" and that has done quite a
few copy programs on the Amiga) is broke?
...we will now therefore never see "Wizard" on the ST? acquaintance of mine is trying to get the rights, however?
...First Star is re-doing "Boulder Dash" for the ST?
...the first trial was lousy?
...a hardware MS-DOS emulator (internal!) is said to be ready
now, in the US? is no Atari product?
...I will mention more details as they become available?
...the finishing of this issue of ST NEWS was put on video?
...the video features Stefan and me, as well as my parents' dog
Chester, various folk living in the houses of Stefan'n'me,
...the tape was especially made for Ronny and his friends?
...thanks need to go to Stefan's boss for supplying the video
...I have recently been to my first 1989 concert? was the 1989 "Aarschokfestival", featuring Wolfsbane (hmm),
Leatherwolf (hmmm), Vengeance (nice show, funny), Crimson
Glory (Hmmm...emotionless), House of Lords (nice), Flotsam &
Jetsam (GREAT, FAST and VERY HEAVY! Good atmosphere and lots
of aching muscles in the neck!) and Queensrÿche (SUPER! They
flattened the whole hall - played 22 songs!)?
...I was at the very front of the mosh for five hours, being
splattered against the fence?
...I now still have aching arms, ribs, feet, knees and neck
...the concert was bloody GREAT (especially the last two bands)? voice is still mostly gone?
...I can only sigh, whisper, or talk at an extremely low voice?
...Stefan was out at some gala night with Alida, which was
probably very BORING? (It was amusing.....Ed.)
...Shiraz Shivji is no longer with Atari, supposedly due to
health problems? is not known whether he has joined another company?
...there is an update available of the "Multiface ST" cartridge? is supposed to work better with old ROMs, which sometimes
gave booting problems when using the old "Multiface ST"?
..."Multiface ST" is now also marketed in Holland (Data Skip in
...the "Supercharger" hardware MS-DOS emulator is still not
ready? is to be doubted whether it ever will?
...the six-disk Amiga game "Dragon's Lair" will be launched on
the ST by ReadySoft?
...Microdeal stopped distribution of the laser-disk based version
of the game, which was reviewed in Volume 3 of ST NEWS? is to be wondered of the conversion will succeed, since
over TWELVE disks would be needed for the same equivalent of
...Douglas Adams' latest book, "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the
Soul", is now generally available (at least in Holland)? is extremely funny, and again features Dirk Gently as the
leading character?
...I have laughed my bum off several times?
...the book includes a God called Thor?! (Ha, Frøystein!)
...Mr. Micro, the guy that did the 68000 versions of "Elite",
is busy doing a 3D non-stop battle action game for Logotron
called "Star Blaze"?
...the speed with which 3D vessels come at you is called
'astounding' (I quote!)?
...Ocean software is bringing out a compilation package that
might indeed beat all others?'s called "Precious Metal" and offers "Arkanoid II",
"Captain Blood", "Super Hangon" and "Xenon" at £24.99?
...this is outstanding?
...the advertisements call it "The Compilation of Excellence"?
...this is quite rightly so?
...the interview that was made during the 'Visit to TEX' (see
previous issue of ST NEWS) with us, will be published in
"68000er/ST Magazin" Number 7 (July 1989)?
...Stefan and myself are rather looking forward to it, since it
is the first time we've been interviewed ourselves? should specially look at the picture that was taken there?
...there is something located in Stefan's trouser pocket?
...ST NEWS now has a true 'mailing list'?'s a list of addresses of all people that receive ST NEWS
every time one is ready?
...all our distributors and over twenty major companies are on
...these companies find this really great, and send back very
positive comments to ST NEWS?
...they just keep on sending review software?
...this issue's "Soon Coming" article is quite long? contains all titles we should receive review copies of in
the near future?'s quite a list?
...I have succeeded in not mentioning Patricia (still the girl of
my dreams though we can't be with one another no more) in this
entire issue?
...this is quite an achievement for me?
..."Rainman" (Academy Awards for 'Best Film', 'Best Screenplay',
'Best Actor' and 'Best Director') is a very good film?
...the whole story (and even the end) is very original?
...the film can even be considered to be a bit sentimental?
...I wish I could have seen it together with Patricia (sorry!)?
...Eerk Hofmeester (of STRIKE-a-LIGHT) does IT every 4.5 minutes?
...the IT has something to do with the girl living next door to
...I had to include these few lines on the command of Frank
Lemmen (remember him?)?
...the big yellow thermonuclear fusion reaction in the sky, known
to us lesser mortals as 'the sun', has quite favoured us in
recent times?
...our skins are even starting to be a bit brownish?
...Icecream vans are in great business?
...pity for Steve Bak that he didn't buy one?
...Holland and Germany recently played soccer: 1-1?
...Michael (TEX) was not satisfied with that result?
...neither were the Dutch?
...there is a new software label on all major formats, including
the Atari ST?'s called Screen 7?
...their PR is done by talented PR bureau, Barrington Harvey
(also known from Martech, Microprose, and more)?
...their games-to-be-launched-soon include "Jaws", "Steigar" and
"High Steel"?
..."Jaws" will be the first to be released, and "Steigar" (an
arcade blast) and "High Steel" will arrive in June?
...the people at Screen 7 are very optimistic about them?
...we will see when they arrive?
...there was a spelling error in "Did you know that..." in Volume
4 Issue 2?
...I mentioned a new Microprose label called "Microstaus", which
should have been "Microstatus"?
...this was due to an error in the press release?
...the Blitter upgrades for Atari 520 and 1040 ST are now finally
...this is the upgrade procedure:
1) Carefully unplug your 520/1040ST
2) Hold it approximately 12 inches above any available trash
3) Let go
4) Go to your dealer and buy a Mega 2 ST or Mega 4 ST
5) Blitter upgrade is complete
...I read this on a Bitnet file I received recently?
...there's quite a lot of fuss about viruses on Bitnet?
...U.S. viruskiller George Woodside, is writing hundreds of
kilobytes about their symptoms, viruskillers, etc.?
...I don't envy him, since he also has to take care of people
that are sceptical about everything?
...Imageworks, marketed by Mirrorsoft, is launching a game called
...this promises to be a game that might even leave behind
"Dungeon Master"?
...the screenshots appear to support this statement?
...simultaneous two-player mode is also supported? will become available on all major formats?
...there is a special disk magazines for MIDI ST fanatics?'s called "The ST Music Matrix", and is sold at £10 per
issue? is publish quarterly, and is now launching issue 5 )so they
already exist longer than a year!)?
...the mag features synth voices, editors, sequencers and MIDI
courses (programming also in Assembler!)?
...a year's subscription sets you back £35?
...the address to get it is: The Music Matrix, Jongleur House,
Main Street, East Wemyss, Fife KY1 4RU, England?
...their phone number is 0592-714887?
...the company that ripped off my old "VDU" has launched a sequel
to their old virus killer?
...I suppose this is another way of even asking more money for a
product that is already grotesquely overpriced?
...more can be read in a full review to be launched in ST NEWS
Volume 4 Issue 5?
...that's about all there is to say for this issue's "Did you
know that...." column? turned out to be one of the largest ever, anyway?
...I will therefore stop, but not before I have expressed my
fondest hopes of seein' you all again in the One Issue?

Hou ze warm!!

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.