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by Richard Karsmakers

...this is the first ST NEWS 'undead' issue? is the 28th issue in total? explanation of the 'undead' setup and the reason behind it
can be found in the 'Prologue' article, elsewhere in this
...a Compendium of the most interesting articles in all previous
27 issue of ST NEWS also exists? is the ST NEWS Final Compendium, launching at the start of
March of 1990? contains over a hundred articles, with a total length of
about 2 Megabyte? is supplied on TWO DOUBLE SIDED disks? e.g. contains all solutions to all Magnetic Scrolls
adventures, all real-time articles ever written, and all best
reviews ever made (including all those featuring Cronos
..., if this is your first issue of ST NEWS, it is strongly
advisable to get that Final Compendium before reading any of
the stuff in this first 'undead' issue?
...the Final Compendium, which has been quoted by Page 6 to be
the signal of an era that has ended (thanks, Les!), is spread
quite well through PD libraries?
...we have discarded a couple of our international distributors,
whereas others have been replaced by more enthusiastic people?
...we felt this was necessary as some of our distributors were
complained about whereas others never did anything except for
the actual agreeing to become one of our foreign distributors? we believe we have a truly functioning network of
...the music in this issue of ST NEWS was once again programmed
by Jochen Hippel?'s a tune called "Mega Apocalypse", composed by Rob Hubbard?'s a remix of "Crazy Comets", as a matter of fact? was officially used before only in the "Union Demo"?
...there is a new Malmsteen album out? was launched mid-April and it is called "Eclipse"? is said to be the best album Malmsteen ever made?
...I personally think that his debut album, "Rising Force", is
just as good?
...but "Eclipse" is nonetheless a CD that I listenened to several
times each day?'s DDD?
...I have been to his Düsseldorf concert in May?
..., although the press didn't think highly of it, it was a very
nice concert with lotsa solos and (finally) a decent singer?
...Queensrÿche also did a new CD called "Empire"? was launched in late August? is very good, as was to be expected?
...a CD single to support this release, also called "Empire",
features an exclusive song called "Scarborough Fair"? is an old Simon and Garfunkel song? is the most beautiful ballad ever put to CD, especially in
the Queensryche version?
...they did not kill the original feel of the song?
...I have also been to one of their concerts, middle November in
Hannover, Germany?
...another band to have launched a new CD recently is Napalm
...their newest release, called "Harmony Corruption", is a lot
'riper' (more adult) than any of their previous albums? was produced by Scott Burns?
...the fast bits are still there, but the songs are now longer,
heavier and more varied?
...the CD version includes a bonus track PLUS the entire
"Mentally Murdered EP" tracks on it?
...this totals to a bit less than an hour of grindcore whatever-
metal? should definitely also check out a relatively new guitar
wizard by the name of Steve Vai?
...his CD "Passion and Warfare" is beyond excellence?
...his first CD, "Flexable", is somewhat more experimental and
should be listened to before buying?
...Steve Vai is an extremely talented guitar player?
...Sodom recently launched a live video, called (surprise,
surprise!) "Mortal Way of Live"?
...the sound quality is pretty OK, but the singer is drunk so the
guitarist has to 'sing' many bits?
...Sodom is definitely no monumental stage act? should preferably stick to their CD's, unless one's been
to their Autumn 1988 Braunschweig, West Germany, concert?
...if I were to rate the video it would get a 6 on the scale of 1
to 10?
...Megadeth released a new CD? is called "Rust in Piece", launched late September this
...I never thought much of Megadeth music?
...this new CD is brilliant, though?
...super guitarist Marty Friedman now plays with them?
...this may have had some influence on the CD, though he didn't
compose anything?
...I have seen Megadeth 'live' on September 30th in Leiden,
during the 'Clash of the Titans' concert with Testament,
Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer?
...Annihilator, the band I discovered during the LateST NEWS
Quest when visiting a heavy metal gig in Nottingham with Steve
Bak, also launched a new CD? is even better than their first one, and it's called "Never
...Kreator launched their new album "Coma of Souls"?
...they have been joined by Frank Blackfire (ex-Sodom), and this
shows in a somewhat more melodic style?
..."Come of Souls" is a lot better than their previous album,
"Extreme Aggressions"?
...I would like to stop with music news now, and get on with
interesting software titbits?
...before I do that, though, you should also know that I've been
to concerts of Iron Maiden and Joe Satriani as well?
...Iron Maiden was on November 2nd in Leiden, Holland, and
Satriani was somewhere in July in Utrecht, Holland?
...Satriani was exceedingly brilliant and Miranda liked the
concert, too?
...there is an article somewhere else about concerts I've been
...there is a new version of "Turbo ST", the software blitter? is version 1.8, that is now also installable as AUTO folder
program? also supports the big Atari screen?
...I think it's even faster than the previous version (1.6)?
...some bugs are reported, though (involving wrong fill routs and
many routines that were just skipped on color)?
...there is also a new version of the "Universal Item Selector",
version III? is quite much better, and now also allows 'show file' and
'save default settings' amongst many other options?
...a full review of it can be read elsewhere in this issue?
...I am at the moment trying to get a book published? will be about viruses, and it will be called "The Atari ST
Virus Killer Book"?
...not much is definitely known with regard to it, though? will probably feature the current "Atari ST Virus Killer"
in the back cover? will be infeasibly extensive? far I reckon it will be approximately 170 pages with about
20 figures (illustrations)?
...Electronic Arts has launched a new Bullfrog game? was a platform game called "Flood", released at the end of
June at 25 quid?
...a review can be found elsewhere in ST NEWS?
...the next Bullfrog game will be "Power Monger" (which was
called "Warmonger" in the ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 4 interview
with Glenn Corpes and Les Edgar of The Team)?'s got something to do with intelligence and a world again,
like in "Populous"?
...I hope to get it soon? is said to be as incredible as "Populous"?
...they have also released a game called "The Immortal"?
...this is a fantasy adventure game, with real-time fighting
sequences and a new three-quarter viewer's perspective?
...Electronic Arts has also released a 3D vector graphics game
called "Magic Fly" ("Crime Busting at the Edge of the
...its programmer, Jeff Lawson, previously did games like
"Spitfire 40" and "Strike Force Harrier"?
..."Magic Fly" is 25 Pound Sterling, too?
...on the application field, Electronic Arts has done an ST
version of the famous Amig....bawwaaarrgghh.....program
"Deluxe Paint"? will cost 50 quid?
...Tim's comment (he's a Lost Boys member) is "actually it's not
that staggering"?
...(p)reviews of the latter three EA products can be found
elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
...Electronic Arts has also launched another series of low-price
hits called 'Star Performers'?
...ST titles include "Ferrari Formula One", "Hound of Shadow",
"Powerdrome" and "Zany Golf", each at £9.99?
...Psygnosis is yet another company to do a 3D game (their first
one was "Infestation")?'s a racing game called "Matrix Marauders"?
...another Psygnosis game that's already released is "Anarchy"?
...they call it the fastest shoot-'em-up ever?
...they mention up to 80 enemies attacking at once, with game
action running at 50 Hz?
...this sounds rather too good to me? ST version of "Shadow of the Beast" (part I) is now also
...a full review can be read elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
...a new game to be expected by Psygnosis soon is "Obitus", a
Role Playing Game?
...another game due out from them is "Carthage", a game set in
ancient Greece?
...another game from them, that's already out, is "Nitro"?
...a full review is to be found elsewhere in this issue?
...soon to be expected from Psygnosis is a game called
...I have only seen this game briefly, but it is very playable
and original, involving the guiding of creatures through a
..., from what I've captured of an Amiga (bwaargh) demo version,
it is a very addictive game?
...I would even like to go as far as predicting that it will be
the most original game since "Populous"?
...this issue offers some interesting stuff in the PROGRAMS
...this includes a new version of the popular drawing program
"NeoChrome" and a fabulous packer called "Pack Ice"?
..."Pack Ice" is presented here in its latest version?
...the programmer is now working on "Fire Packer", which is
supposed to be even faster and better?
...we hope to feature that new packer in an upcoming issue?
...Lord Hackbear also wrote a patch that allows all ST NEWS
issues to work properly on the STE?
...this was previously impossible due to a wrong write-protect
...this check is now caught and changed to a value that allows ST
to run instead of forever displaying that wretchedalert
box stating 'Please write-protect ST NEWS disk!'?
...another, rather obscene little program, is also present on the
disk? is an English swearing words creator, called "The Automated
Wowbagger (The Infinitely Prolonged)"?
...there is also an editor for it on the disk?
...more about it can be read elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
...another offering in the PROGRAMS folder is a games demo
written by Jeff Minter?
...we got this demo when we visited him in the summer of 1989,
but we never had enough disk space left (or a good enough
packer) to offer it to you? is a demo-in-development for a game that was to be called
"Die Filth"?
...though it has no scoring and all that stuff, it is quite nice
to zap it a bit?
...Jeff is now primarily working for Arc, and is now doing
"Defender II" for that?
...he is now also developing software on the "Panther", a new
Atari console (16-bit) that's licensed to stun?
...he couldn't reveal anything about further specs as he was
bound by contract to shut his mouth about it?
...Stefan's parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on
last July 1st?
...I celebrated my 1st year's anniversary of being blissfully
happy with Miranda on July 31st?
...we are now searching for a flat (or, at least, something a bit
bigger than one meagre room) to go and live together in?
...Mel of the Extravagant English visited Stefan in the summer? must surely have been a swell time?
...Stefan has now joined the ranks of the Lost Boys?
...another new member of this illustrious group is In Flagranti,
who made the ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 4 demo?
...he is now called Oxygene, however?
...the Lost Boys have started a disk magazine called "Disk
...a full review, including a short interview with its founders,
can be found elsewhere in this undead issue?
..."Maggie" is somewhat extreme and therefore interesting to
everybody who likes the less computer-related bits of ST NEWS?
...Sprog's father (Sprog is (ex?)-Lost Boys) is writing
accountant software on the IBM for Gwar?
...Gwar are quite disgusting?'s a quite new band that takes 'spilling blood and gore'
(and quite something more) into a wholly new dimension,
previously hoped to be inconceivable?
...concerts of Gwar exist of some nice trash metal combined with
outbursts of violence, blood, gore and sex?'s all quite funny, really - you should just not expect a
cab to drive you home afterwards?
...Gwar ends concerts with sentences like "Thanks guys. Tonight
was a fifty gallon show....bye!"?
...a VIDEO (mind you) will be released in the autumn, made at
Boston Arms, London?
...Spaz (Lost Boys, again) is probably featured in audience shots
(covered with blood and all kinds of other stuff, soaked right
into the pockets of his leather jacket)?
...some excerpts of Gwar lyrics are featured elsewhere in this
issue of ST NEWS? Yngwie Malmsteen Internationl Fan Club was founded in
spring of this year?
...due to 'lack of information from Yngwie's Management' they
quit mid September?
...this is a shame, as I was a member (number 29)?
...I recently calculated that I drink about 500 litre of Coke a
...Hewson is making "Stormlord II - Deliverance"?
...they are also doing Andrew Braybrook's old 8-bit success
"Paradroid" on the ST, which will be called "Paradroid 90"?
...we have found out the address of Douglas Adams, and hope to
feature an interview with the Master of Cult Absurdism in an
upcoming issue (as soon as possibly possible)?
...we are looking forward to this very much? has been terribly hot during the writing of many of the
articles in this issue?
...many of them have been conceived in the evening and night
hours of the Thalion office?
...many of those hours have been audibly accompanied by some
rather advanced music by Gwar?
...ST NEWS has gained another significant source of influence?'s a magazine by the name of "Zero"?
...I have read it for about a year now, and I concluded that its
style was rather excellent? will specifically notice a lot of 'comfortable English'
(as I'd like to call it) in the upcoming issues, including
this one?
...I finally got my bong?
..., as you may or may not know, a bong is a device with which it
is possible to expand your mind burning certain herbs? was given to me by Ash of the Extravagant English?
...I am very proud at this token of appreciation?
...I have sent him a groovy letter of thanks?
...the best film of 1990 might very well turn out to be "Total
Recall"? is very good?
...the special effects are done by the same guys who did those of
"Abyss" - and big things are therefore really BIG?
...the director, Paul Verhoeven, did "Robocop" before?
...he is a Dutchman?
..."Total Recall" does not only have excellent effects, but also
has an original, intricate and good story? should definitely not miss it? the cinema it will be approximately 1,000,000 times better
than on video, though?
...there are some rather gory scenes in it, however?
...Ocean will also do a game about the film, which will probably
be nowhere near to the film?
..., speaking of licenses, Walt Disney sold the "Dick Tracy"
license to Titus?
...I really wonder how it is possible for a company like Titus to
get such a (no doubt very expensive) license?
...this will probably mean that the game will be crap?
...there will soon be a film with Leisure Suit Larry in the
leading part?
...Sierra on Line is very pleased with that?
...this is the first game license I know? is the first time that a game is turned into a film?
...another rather nice film is "Gremlins II"? is lots more absurd and humorous than the first part,
though it does have some rather dumb dialogues?
...some of the effects are only convincing in the cinema (you'll
know which I mean once you've seen it)?
..."Robocop II" is also extremely well done? seems to be a fact that sequels are getting better and
better when compared with their original versions?
..."Robocop II" is also quite gory, with lots of violence,
enormous loads of humour and spectacular scenes?
...the story is somewhat less than "Robocop"'s, but this does not
decrease the quality of the film much?
..."Total Recall", "Gremlins II" and "Robocop II" should
definitely be seen?
...I have also seen "Die Harder - Die Hard II", and this film is
very much worth your while, too?
...there is a new version of Gribnif's "NeoDesk"? is version 3.01?
...a full review can be found in this issue of ST NEWS, as I have
immediately ordered my update copy?
...some of its new features are split windows, Desktop Notes,
file clipboard (kind of RAMdisk, but different), background
windows, items selectable beyond window limits, folders on
desktop, new icon editor built in, macros, low resolution
support, changable font, caps lock indicator and Stacy Screen
save? now also formats disks backwards?
...this is a very handy function?
...Microdeal has ceased doing entertainment software?
...I guess we will now have to wait infinitely long for the
release of the ST version of "Fright Night"?
...the next issue will contain a big 'real time' article again? will be made at the "ST NEWS International Christmas Coding
Convention", due the weekend before Christmas in Oss, Holland?
...this is no copy party?
...The Lost Boys will try to launch a revolutionary new demo
there, which will at least beat all other existing demos on
the field of humour, whereas the technical side will not be
...all major demo writers will attend?
...we will try to invite a couple of English programmers as well
- like Steve Bak?
...Steve Bak's Vectordean has recently done a platform game
called "Yolanda", which was programmed by Chris Sorrell (in
spite of the advertisements claiming Steve did it)?
...Chris has also worked on a game called "James Pond", which is
about a secret underwater agent?
...he did all graphics and coding for these games?
...a full review of "James Pond" is to be found elsewhere in this
...he's already working on a further program for Millenium?
...Tim Coupe (see ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 4) is no longer with
Vectordean, and now works freelance?
...Steve is working on a game for Microprose about which I
don't know much other than that it is a driving game in which
you have to shoot a lot?
...he will soon start on a strategy game for Microprose, too?
...we didn't succeed in getting Jeff Minter to the convention
because he had already booked a winter holiday with friends at
the same date?
...he will, however, contribute to the Convention by making a 3.5
Kb game in VIC tradition?
...Ben Daglish is no longer working at Gremlin Graphics?
...John Phillips' new game "Scavenger" will probably never
...this is due to contract expiration at Hewson and slow
suppliance of graphics (that Mark Jones was supposed to do,
who also did the graphics for "Cybernoid II" and "Stormlord"?
...his talents will soon be put in other games for other
companies, though?'s a shame about "Scavenger" though?
...Peter "Arkanoid" Johnson had retired from the game industry
some time ago, and is now back?
...the ex-Ocean programmer is now teamed up with another
programmer (whose name slipped my mind) to do a game for
Psygnosis set in a shopping mall?
...the working title is "Complex"?
...the game may be due for Christmas?
...there were some interesting new thingies to know at the Atari
Messe in Düsseldorf, end of August?
...Atari is rumouredly doing a new supercomputer? will be available late '91, and will cost less than 2000
German marks (2300 Dutch guilders, or 700 Pounds)? will have 16 million colours, a 32 bit 32 Mhz CPU, stereo
digi sound of CD quality, and lots more?
...this will be severe competition for their own TT, which is now
sold as well and which will (rumouredly) not go below the 7000
German marks price tag)?
..., in the final version, this TT's processor speed has been
increased to a spiffin' 32 Mhz?
...the graphics modes are 320x480 with 256 colours of a 4096
colour palette, 640x480 with 16 colours of a 4096 colour
palette, 640x400 with 2 colours ("Duo-chrome mode") of a 4096
colour palette and a 1280x960 monochrome mode, with the
standard ST modes on top of that?
...up to 4 RS232 interfaces can be connected? SCSI interface is also built in, whereas one can also have
either two SDLC-fast speed interfaces or one SDLC interface
and a Network connector? also has 8 bit PCM stereosound?
...a harddisk of at least 40 Mb is built in?
...the mathematical co-processor MC68882 is built in standard?
...the TT is thus a really highly interesting machine? is to be doubted, however, that it will a major success at
its price - in spite of its impressive specs?
...the Rainbow Arts game "Turrican" is also said to be extremely
good (even the ST version)?
...Tommy Software of Berlin, Germany, is doing version III of
their mega-drawing program "Megapaint" (monochrome only)?
...updates cost DM 99?
...Developer information on how to program modules for it is
available for another DM 50?
...Tommy Software seems to be publishing major "Megapaint"
updates about three or four times a year now?
...they also have something interesting for Trabbi-drivers?
...all East-Germans can register their illegal copies of their
products for 10 marks?
...Tommy will also soon be launching a program called "WinCAD", a
CAD program running under Windows 3.0?
...they claim it is a world exclusive, that will be presented at
the 1991 CeBit fair in West Germany?
...the press release didn't mention if it was for the ST,
..., at Thalion, I now have to work with a PC quite often?
...this involves word processing on "MS Word"? is pukably shit? is also undescribably un-userfriendly when you're used to
"1st Word Plus"?
...Thalion is also working on a music CD with Jochen Hippel, due
for a Christmas release?
...Miranda and I will not yet get married?
...a rumour involving this matrimony was spread by Dutch
...I would be interested to know where they got it from, for it
surely wasn't I? will take approximately four or five years before this will
eventually happen, due to the fact that she wishes to finish
her Veterinary Education at Utrecht University first?
...Thalion's agreement with Grandslam for European distribution
went bust, due to Grandslam going bust?
...Thalion is now in business with Active Sales and Marketing?
...Nintendo's "Gameboy", though almost infinitely less than the
Lynx in a technical way, is getting to be a pretty popular
device? now costs less than 200 Dutch guilders (including
the game "Tetris")?
...the screen is black'n'white LCD, and not backlit?
...the batteries thus last a good 20 hours?
...a set of batteries is even included in the package?
...I may actually buy one of these little machines soon?
...?!....(some time passes....)
...I have indeed bought one just now?
...this idea was brought to my mind since it is, unfortunately,
largely outselling the Lynx?
...there will thus be better (and much more) games on it?
..."Tetris" is the standard game delivered with it, and it is
nice to play with two people hooked up together?
...I haven't had this much game fun since long times?
...even "Lode Runner" is done for this thing? is infinitely more difficult than the standard "Lode
Runner", though?
...the levels are all different, and even in level 1 you have to
do some "Championship" puzzling before completing it?
...I haven't even completed level 2?
...there is also an editor built in, which allows you to edit 8
..., upon switching off the Game Boy, however, they are gone
...I have seen "Shadow of the Beast II"? is the most gorgeous game I have ever seen?
...there's a two-DS-disks intro of formidable dimensions (areal
movie), a "Beast II" T-shirt, smooth scrolling, parallax, and
lots more?
...playability is hardly more than part I? is on the Amig....bawwrrgghhh, however?
...loading times are therefore tremendous, and each time you die
you have to wait about two or three whole minutes before you
can play again?
...this can also be turned off so the time between each game gets
dramatically shorter?
...Tim loves the guitar on the death scene music?
...he also loves something else? is totally out of the question to mention that, though?
...the Game Boy is really quite an excellent little device?
...Mark van den Boer, who used to do the MC68000 Machine Language
course in earlier issues, has returned back from his year's
travelling adventure through South America?
...he has once again joined the Atari ST community, by buying my
ST system off me?
...I have bought a MEGA ST 2 and a MEGAFILE 60 harddisk to
replace those?
...the MEGAFILE 60 is extremely fast when compared with the old
SH204 harddisk that I used to have?
...typing on a MEGA ST keyboard is sheer heaven?
...I used to be pretty satisfied with the 520's, but now I would
not like to go back?
...the MEGA ST keyboard is simply too comfortable?
...Newcastle-based software company Tynesoft has gone broke?
...Norwegian "ST KLUBBEN" (ST user group that published the
rather nice disk magazine "ST KLUBBEN" that is written in
Norwegian) is no longer in the hands of our dear friend Ronny
...Ronny is now probably serving his time in the Norwegian army,
he has sold his ST, and he is now living in his parents' house
with Anne-Grete (the perpetually laughing girl featured in the
real-time article in ST NEWS Volume 5 Issue 1)?
...his parents no longer live there?
...Torbjørn Ose (Lord HackBear) took over everything?
..., on behalf of all ST NEWS co-conspirators, I would like to
wish him lots of success in maintaining their high standard,
possibly even improving it?
...he may (might) also come to the ST NEWS International
Christmas Coding Convention?
...we have at least sent him (and the other Nutties) an
...RAM chip prizes seem to have dropped dramatically?
...a 51.1000 (70 ns) megachip now costs about 15 German marks,
which adds up to 240 German marks for 2 Megabyte?
...that's really cheap?
...we had an April fool's joke in ST NEWS Volume 5 Issue 1? was the "68030 emulator" program?
..., in reality, it can only do time/drive/track display and
nothing more? is just a version of a track and time display program
written by Lars Erik Østerud, which we got during our Norway
Quest 1989-1990?
...I only did some disk-editing on it, changing the text?
...I am really interested how many people sent letters of inquiry
to Transgalactic Megasystems in California?
...any serious programmers who fell for this joke should change
...the Bitmap Brothers have left Imageworks?
...they have now joined another label called "Renegades"?
...this label is the software division of Rhythm King Records (of
Betty Boo fame)?
...their first game will be "Gods", scheduled for a January
...later, they will come with "Magic Pockets", a game about a kid
who is digging through his own pockets in search for all the
toys he's lost in there?
...Renegades has a new software philosophy?
...they think it's stupid to buy e.g. 'an Ocean game' because
it's published by Ocean?
...instead, one should buy e.g. 'a Bitmap game' because it's
programmed by the Bitmap Brothers?
...I kinda agree with that idea? is also a widely spread rumour that Bullfrog will join
...'the industry' doesn't give "Renegades" more than five months,
...I surely hope that this will not prove to turn to reality?
...Thalion will soon launch a compilation of its first four
...these products will be "Chambers of Shaolin", "Seven Gates of
Jambala", "Warp" and "Leavin' Teramis"?
...this compilation thus features excellent value?
...Zeppelin Games is bringing out a game called "Neighbours"?
...I sincerely hope the game will be a bit less crap than the
...I also heard something about a license attached to
...Atari is supposed to preview a 32-bit games console based on
ST technology at the CES this autumn? should be available mid 1991?
...I hope to be able to reveal more details in an upcoming issue?
...Core design has done "Rick Dangerous II", the sequel to "Rick
Dangerous (I)"?
...a review can be read elsewhere in this issue?
...a re-make has been done of the original "Rick Dangerous"?
...I heard it has password between the levels?
...I think this was a very good idea to do?
...they also did a hack'n'slash game called "Torvak the Warrior"?
...there will be a new "Lord of the Rings" game soon? will be from Interplay?
..., judging from some screenshots I saw, the graphics are very
...I would like to close this column down with some interesting
cheats for Thalion games?
...all Thalion intro's have alternative music?
...this can be accessed by typing in "AAARRGH"?
...typing "SCHNISM" in the Thalion intro will cause to logo to
hop up and down continuously?
..."Wings of Death", the latest Thalion shoot'em up, also has a
cheat? is "ST FOREVER", which can be typed in on the game menu or
during the game?
..."Seven Gates of Jambala" also has an extra piece of music in
the game intro? can be obtained by holding "J", pressing "O", releasing
"O", releasing "J"?
...I will now also reveal some very hot cheats of games that are
not yet out?
..."Enchanted Land" has "TCB RULES FOREVER", which can be typed
in during the game intro?
...this lets you select the level and enter a parameter adaption
screen in the game (find out on which key yourself)!
..."A Prehistoric Tale" will have two cheat codes?
...typing "OOH CRIKEY" on the game titlepicture will cause the
intro to use an extended scroll text?
...typing "PLAY THE SPASEBO BLUES" on the game menu will activate
the general cheat?
...the selector bar will turn red once this is done? can now press the following key during the game: "+" for
one level further, 1,2 and 3 for each of the subgames, "E"
for the end sequence, "L" for 10 extra lives and "I" for
...the "A Prehistoric Tale" cheats are specified as on English
..., for German keyboards, the "Y" has to be a "Z" and the "+"
has to be a "'" (the key directly to the right of the ß)?
...these are VERY HOT cheats indeed?
...this time's "Did you know that..." grew to be much bigger than
I had actually expected?
...I am very happy with that fact?
...I hope to see you all again in ST NEWS Volume 6 Issue 1, which
will mainly feature the things that went on on the "ST NEWS
International Christmas Coding Conference"? will be slightly stunning, we all hope?

...Bye! And have a happy new year!

...the Game Boy should be bought by everybody?

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.