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I like nuked food!
Arnold 'Julius' Schwarzenegger in "Twins"

by Richard Karsmakers

...this is Volume 4 Issue 2 of ST NEWS? contains some brilliant demo screens on color as well as
...Stefan again did some neat programming work to enhance both
resolutions' scrolling messages?
...the monochrome scrolling features stuff that has never ever
before been done on the ST? can be regarded to be a cut-down monochrome version of the
Super-mega-sinusoid-and-whatever-more scrolling that TCB did
in the "Union Demo" (review in ST NEWS 4.1)?
...even the TEX guys went out of their minds when they saw it?
...this issue also contains some pretty brainblowing artwork?
...the piccy is called "Fighter" and was drawn by Thorsten
...he's a promising young computer graphics artist?
...there will be more artwork to come in future issues?
...this issue is dedicated to Jean Michel Jarre?
...we already planned to do this about four or five months ago,
but didn't do it because another magazine beat us to it?
...we then decided to do it with the Volume 4 Issue 1 edition?
...a girl then came in between?
...this issue is decicated to him anyway? will therefore be able to hear some "Zoolook" music here? was again programmed by Mad Max of The Exceptions, and it
was already used many times in old TEX intros?
...we have some brilliant new musix lined up already for the next
ten-twenty issues of ST NEWS?
...titles include "Sanxion Loader", "Knuckle Busters" (drool!!
Yes! Be amazed!!!), "Comic Bakery" and some 'Maniacs of Noise'
...Jochen recently designed a new sound synthesizer routine?
...this was already used in the "Comic Bakery" tune?
...we went to visit TEX and friends in Germany recently?
...quite some weird things happened there?
...a full-length 'real time' article is contained elsewhere in
this issue of ST NEWS?
...the article does not only feature TEX and the ST NEWS
editorial staff, but also the Gigabyte Crew, Level 16 and some
other good friends amongst which also Tarik Ahmia (ex-editor
of "68000'er/ST Magazin")?
...this article features the whole and truly uncensored truth of
a whole weekend of boozing, freaking, programming, swimming
and eating?
...this weekend also formed the basis of me working
professionally for the same company TEX now works for?
...I will be able to write the novels behind their games in the
...thanks herefore have to go to Erik and Holger?
...Stefan and myself were also interviewed by Tarik for
"68000'er/ST Magazine"?
...that was VERY NICE?
...Stefan has recently been in MAJOR trouble?
...his Killer Stick Insects killed his neighbour's Pitbull
...this man is now sueing him for dogslaughter?
...Stefan's little pets will probably have to wear compulsory
muzzles in the future?
...his neighbour recently bought a riotgun to defend himself?
...Stefan might end up having his little pets splattered all over
the wall if he doesn't take care?
...he now also has a leading character for his introductory
...this character is called Korik Starchaser?
...he will join Cronos Warchild?
...the "VDU" versions 3.3 is now fully ready? is of course MUCH better?
...the 'scan whole partition for link-viruses' option is quite
liable to create runtime errors, sometimes?
...this was the part programmed by...Stefan?
...the program has now been sold to eighteen countries including
countries like Poland, the People's Republic of China, Finland
and Canada?
...two German viruskillers have also been launched in a new
...these are "Sagrotan V4.13" and "Virentod 1.3" by Henrik Alt
and Carsten Frischkorn respectively?
...I work extremely closely together with these guys?
...we swap viruses and bootsectors to make all our programs
...they are quite a different kind of people rather than the
people of a certain well known German company that sells a
virus killer at nearly 100 German marks which is a total and
utter rip-off of my "VDU 3.1"?
...this company used to spread viruses on their own software as
well (and I am beginning to doubt whether this was
...I have now had a chance to look at the "News Channel" Volume 2
Issue 1, the issue that we received too late to be included in
the previous issue of ST NEWS? views on this issue as well as the things the "News
Channel" is currently doing with regard to ST NEWS are
expressed more elaborately in this times' "ST Software News"
...I wrote that piece while I was slightly upset (like was the
aim of the "News Channel" editors)?
...there seems to be a new disk magazine on the ST? is written in English and is called "ST Digital"? is said to look a bit like "F.A.S.T.E.R.", being much
better than ST NEWS?
...I haven't seen the disk mag myself? is commercial, and also features music? is useless to say, but I am very eager to get my hands on
..., if you are a member of their editorial staff, we'd like you
to contact us?
...I recently quit my Biology study?
...I felt it became too difficult whereas my motivation wasn't
particularly high anymore either?
...I now have half a year off?
...I will spend it trying to catch up on assembler, writing
introductory novelettes as well as some real novels and
killing viruses?
...I can now also spend time doing things I always wanted to do
but never could (playing "Larry II", "Police Quest II" and
"War in Middle Earth, reading Thomas Covenant and writing a
lengthy semi-auto-biographical novel involving a certain girl
with which my relationship went wrong)? dad really found it 'very disappointing' to hear that I
wanted to quit my study?
...I can kinda understand his feelings?
...I will remain living on the student's floor I now live on,
...I could never live without Alida's "Divine Dessert"?
..., in September or October, I will join the army (just like
poor Frank did in December 1987) for 14 months?
...I really don't like that?
...there are still a lot of gnats here?
...I have had less than ten nights this year without gnats
annoying me the whole night through?
...I recently acquired a mosquito-net?
...this may all sound very crazy but it's true?
...I have again lined up some games tips & tricks for you?
...there are some interesting words hidden in "International
Karate Plus"?
...typing them causes specific messages to appear on the screen?
...the words are ARCH, FUCK (excuse me!), CUNT (ahem!!), EDHK,
JACQ, SLAN, DATE, WANK, DRIP, JUMP and DICK (good morning...)?
...some specific animations in the background appear throughout
the game?
...these can be triggered by specific words, too?
...these words are: PAC 'Pacmania' Pac-man appears
FISH A fish jumps out of the water
BIRD A small bird will appear
PERI A submarine periscope will pop up
FREZ Freezes the game
...there's another nice trick for Logotron's "Star Goose"?
..., if you want infinite shields, you should push all function
keys from 1 to 10 during game play?
...typing "RENEGADE" in the hiscore table of "Rambo III" also
activates a cheat mode? will need to get 5000 points to enter the table? can then press 1, 2 or 3 to enter the level of your
...Stefan is getting into GOOD music more and more?
...he now also has Jason Becker's "Perpetual Burn" and Yngwie
Malmsteen's "Odyssey", which means he's getting into some
pretty neat guitar wizard stuff?
...he recently got his 'Glue' chip replaced?
..., formerly, he wasn't able to get any border graphics
displayed on his monitor?
...he is now very enthusiastic about removing all borders and
programming some very neat demo screens for ST NEWS?
...the one he's currently doing for ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 3
features a whole heap of tricks and a whole heap of borders
...people will now no longer laugh at it?
...I bought an Hitachi 570 hifi-stereo video recorder recently?
...I connected it to my brilliant Pioneer audio equipment to
achieve the most perfect combination of audio and video
...some videos that succeeded into amazing me to such an extend
that I drooled off my chair are: "Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising
Force Live '85" and "Rush: Show of Hands"?
...Malmsteen is BBRRIILLIIAANNTT (see his fingers move...hear the
notes...and believe it though you can't!)?
...I recently also discovered a good and very heavy band, called
"Metal Church"?
...their first album is stunningly heavy?
...I recently completed my Malmsteen CD collection, by buying the
Japanese import version of Alcatrazz' "Live Sentence"?
...every single CD featuring Malmsteen on the six stringed
monster is now in my collection?
...Graham Bonett really is a LOUSY singer (listen to "Live
...the people behind the Canadian disk magazine "F.A.S.T.E.R."
are now one of our new distributors?
...they are now a busy user-group, but don't publish the disk
magazine anymore?
...they are now our twentysecond distributor in the twentyfirst
...yes, you read it well, we recently acquired two other new
...they are Zarko Berberski in Yugoslavia and Heinrich Pesch in
...their addresses can be found in this issue's "ST NEWS
...we are really proud to have so many distributors that support
us thoroughly?
...we should now have quite neatly covered about 100% of the
world's total ST user base?
...a new owner's manual for the ST has been written? has been done by Andreas Ramos, the Danish distributor of
ST NEWS? even mentions ST NEWS and a list of all foreign
...Atari Scandinavia is bundling this booklet with the ST?
...we like to express our sincere thanks to Andreas? (THANK YOU!)
...STRIKE-a-LIGHT was recently contacted by someone who wanted
all the ST viruses they had collected to examine these?
...the guy turned out to have a project running at a technical
university, which existed of making a virus on the ST that
would out-copy all other viruses?
...he said he had to do this for Professor Herschberg, who is a
contraversial computer science Professor here in Holland?
...this is f.cking CRAZY!?! (Please excuse me for my language
once again...)
...I was recently contacted by someone from the States, who said
he had 200 viruses on the ST?
...he works for a company that experimented with these viruses
for a while?
...he would send them all to me?
...ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 4, the issue that will stun the world,
is getting nearer and nearer?
..., in the next issue of ST NEWS, we will reveal a bit more
about it?
...many people have asked us what we're really up to?
...only those involved with the ST NEWS 4.4 project now know some
of it?
...I am not willing to say more, apart from the fact that it will
be MAJOR? will probably cause ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 4 to be
delivered on one double-sided disk or two single-sided disks?
...Stefan ans myself have thought long about this, but decided
that it might be necessary?
...some well-known people will co-operate with that issue?
...I am already telling more than I should, so I won't any more?
...we like to make people curious about what we're going to do?
...those among you who can't help being inquisitive will have to
wait a bit longer (har har)?
...ST Club International (The Hague, Holland), still hasn't re-
started their disk magazine?
...the chairman, Mr. C.W. Lai, last year told me it would have a
GEM environment and that it would be called "ST Bulletin"? was supposed to start again in January '89 after "ST Info"
..., as far as I know, it didn't?
...Melbourne House's latest release, "War in Middle Earth", is
truly extensive?
...I like it very much?
...a full review can be found elsewhere in this very issue of ST
...Microprose recently signed up Third Millenium Software?
...two games will soon be added to the Microprose software
collection for the ST?
...titles are not yet specified?
...Mike Singleton (the man behind e.g. "War in Middle Earth") is
one of the people behind Third Millenium Software?
...Math already solved "Police Quest II"?
...he did that at a quite brain-overtaking speed?
...he was also very quick with "Larry II", which we featured in
the previous issue of ST NEWS?
...GfA Systemtechnik have once again delayed the launch of the
GfA Basic 3.0 Compiler?
...Franks Ostrowski was said to have a crashed harddisk several
...he probably doesn't use "Safeback" or some other harddisk
backup program?
...Mastertronic will soon launch a computer version of the
popular "Risk" board game? can play it against the computer or against up to 5
...the release date has still to be confirmed?
...the screenshots seem to point to a very functional game? will be available at £19.95?
...there is quite a bit of hardware news now the German CeBit has
been held?
...Atari is launching a laptop ST called "Stacy"? looks quite neat, and has a built-in trackball that
functions as mouse?'s based on the 1040 STF with monochrome monitor and two
disk drives? has a flip-up LCD screen?
...all standard connections are still possible (Centronics,
RS232, DMA, mouse, joystick, MIDI, etc.)?
...the batteries last about 6 to 7 hours?
...a harddisk is built in in the most expensive model? is said to be available in June here, which is highly
...I recently talked to someone in the States who already worked
with a Stacy?
...the machine is very vulnerable for viruses, since RAM is kept
under power for a long time (until the batteries run out, to
be more precise)?
..., for a short while, Atari was thinking about making an 8 Mb
...this will not happen because of problems with the TOS?
...the ATW (Atari Transputer Workstation) is now also finished
in a definite form? is not built in a PC housing but in a tower with 1.44 Mb
floppy disk drive and 40 Mb harddisk?
...the graphic co-processor of the ATW is called blossom? has some pretty neat characteristics?
...they are the following:
Resolution: Colors at once: From a palette of:
1280x960 16 4096
1024x760 256 16 million
640x480 'true colour' 'true colour'
...Atari is also launching two new PCs? of them is the Atari PC 5?
...the other is the Atari PC Folio?
...this is a very tiny PC that weighs 450 grams and measures 18
by 10 by 2.7 centimetres (when closed)? has a tiny LCD screen (40 by 8 characters)? has an Intel 80C88 processor (4.9 Mhz), works under DOS
2.11, and has 128 Kbyte RAM (expandable to 640 Kb)? also has 256 Kbyte ROM memory, that contains the operating
system as well as a complete software package? operates on 3 AA sized batteries, that keep it running for
48 hours (equal to approximately 6 to 8 weeks of regular
...Atari stole the Show at the CeBit with this tiny PC?
...interfaces with the outside world exist as well?
...Atari is also producing a new monitor? is the Atari SM 194 (19" screen!), which is in fact a
Moniterm Viking 2 Large-size monitor that is very good and
very popular with users of MacIntosh and PC?
...the TOS 1.4 ROMs are involved in much gossip? of my contacts (a trustworthy one) told me that no company
is yet producing these ROMs?
...another one told me that Mega STs in the States are already
sold with these new ROMs?
...we will just have to wait and see?
...there is now also a Sinclair QL-emulator for the ST?
...this is not an Atari product? is a hardware addition to the ST, which is said to be six
times faster than an actual QL? also allows the QL's multi-tasking?
...compatibility is quite good? article about this hardware emulator is featured in this
very issue of ST NEWS?
...the ST can now run software of the Mac, Mac II, PC, Apple //,
C-64, Atari XL, CP/M stuff and probably even more that slipped
my mind?
..., some days ago, I found "K-Rhymes" in an obscure software
retailer's shop? is therefore also reviewed in this very issue of ST NEWS?
...Piper is back?!
...the second issue of "ST Klubben", Ronny Hatlemark's Norwegian
Atari ST disk magazine, should by now be ready?
..."ST Klubben" is the magazine that honoured us by dedicating
their first issue to ST NEWS?
...some of its authors will soon start writing for ST NEWS as
...we like that very much, for their English is simply great and
their style of writing defies rational description?
...Ronny and another ST enthusiast called Frøystein Hustadness
have been corresponding with Stefan and myself for a while
...these letters are referred to as 'the crazy letters' (may they
live forever!)?
...Stefan and myself even think of going on a holiday in Norway
some time within the next year (probably winter)?
...we might then meet these great guys in the flesh and have some
unlimited fun?
...we can't go there this summer, because we will be too busy
with the STUNNING issue of ST NEWS 4.4? extract of one of Frøystein's letters addressed to yours
truly, in which he explains why the world is flat and not
round, is included in this issue of ST NEWS?
..., once you've read it, you will probably understand why we
think the Norwegians are some of the funniest and nicest guys
...we will therefore no doubt dedicate the next ST NEWS issue to
the Norwegians in general (maybe featuring an interview with
the people that roam along the fjords there)?
...Rob Hubbard went to the States in 1988 to work for Electronic
Arts in their San Mateo, California, HQ?
...he has now finished writing a revolutionary new code package
for writing music?
...the first soundtrack made with it was for a game called
"Populous", and has a length of approximately thirty minutes?
...this game seems to promise a lot, and should be ready on the
ST soon, so that we can review it in ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 3?
...Microdeal has now launched "J.U.G."?
...a full review is included in this issue, written by Stefan?
...he also wrote a "Barbarian II" review (very juicy, one might
...Microdeal is also still active in the sound digitising sector?
...they will soon launch "ST Replay Deluxe", which features 10
bit AD conversion, 12 bit DA conversion, anti-aliasing
filters, two and four times oversampling and sample
frequencies of 5-48 KHz? will set you back about £150?
...Psygnosis' Psyclapse label recently brought forth "Ballistix",
a game where you play ball in a way never before seen?
...this is yet another review to be found elsewhere in this issue
...Psygnosis have recently moved to a new address? is: Psygnosis Limited, 122 Century Building, Tower Street,
Brunswick Business Park, Liverpook L3 4BJ, England?
...their telephone number is (England) 051-7095755?
...the last part of the "Wizards" series is this time included in
...Erik and Gunter of The Exceptions this time explain how to
throw open the lower and UPPER borders?
...a separate article about throwing open ALL borders will follow
in a next issue of ST NEWS, written by Andreas of Level 16?
...he was the first man ever to supply all borders with graphics
...the 'Level 16' screen in the "Union Demo" (see review in ST
NEWS Volume 4 Issue 1) was written by him?
...some of my introductory novelettes will be published by an
English publisher?
...they will maybe be done in a 'short stories' volume?
...there is even more staggering news to announce?
...some of these intro pieces might even be used for...(hold on
tight)...British Television?!
...I find this very thrilling?
...Data Skip Gouda (Dutch importer for the fabulous Z88 laptop
computer reviewed in the previous ST NEWS issue) is now
publishing a magazine for registered users of the Z88? is a Dutch publication called "On the Move"? is quite interesting? has quite some growing to do, however?
...Hewson is bringing out four of their 'old' games under the
name "Premier Collection"?
...the titles are "Netherworld", "Nebulus", "Exolon" and
...Logotron is soon launching "Archipelago", a game that seems to
feature "Virus"-like graphics - but now more wide?
...there will soon be a totally new MacIntosh emulator for the
Atari ST? will be internal? consists of 2 disk control ICs and 2 serial port control
ICs? changes your ST into a TRUE Mac, also able to work with
serial port and the ability to run "Appletalk"?
..., as far as I know, it only works on Mega STs? uses cloned Apple MacIntosh ROMs? will also allows Apple disks tot be read?
...I got this news from a trustworthy source in the States - the
man that is probably going to distribute this emulator in
...a review of "Picworks 2.1" (an amazing printing utility) was
originally meant to be contained in this issue of ST NEWS as
...Eerk Hofmeester of STRIKE-a-LIGHT even gave me the original
Dutch version of an article about it, which I had even started
to translate?
...I then discovered the article in a disk magazine that had
copied and translated it from the magazine to which Eerk
originally submitted it?
...we will therefore not feature it in ST NEWS, because we don't
want to offer a virtual identical article of what this other
disk magazine ("News Channel") already did?
...we are sorry, Eerk?
...a German company is now selling a German version of Atari
LOGO, called "DLOGO"?
...Mick Fleedwood, the almost legandary boss of Fleetwood Mack,
is promoting the ST's musical capabilities at the U.S. Comdex? should go and see "Twins" (with Arnold Schwarzenegger and
Danny de Vito)? is a very humorous film? should not visit it when you've seen too many reports on
it on TV already?
...the REAL KICK of "Twins" is the actress playing Marnie, the
girl that fancies Schwarzenegger?
...she probably has the most gorgeous legs ever seen and the most
sensual underwear ever worn?
...we have head a week of extremely nice and sunny spring weather
here in Utrecht, the week before this ST NEWS issue was
launched? have been wide open, winter clothes replaced by summer
...spring is definitely in the air, and I love every moment of
...Stefan recently tried to park his car next to a lantern post?
...he didn't quite notice that post?
...his right back door is now severely dinched?
...he was quite upset when it happened and immediately called me,
crying his eyes out (SOB! Ed.)?
...some of those swell Norwegians recently sent us an audio TAPE
filled with music, chat and various other incredible stuff?
...they even recorded Malmsteen's brilliant "Krakatau"?
...we would like to extend our thanks to Ronny Hatlemark and
Torbjørn Ose (thanks for the compliments!!!!)?
...we will now definitely dedicate the next issue to the
Norwegian people?
...the tape really moved us, so that we lay crying of emotions on
Stefan's floor?
...I don't have anything more to say in this column for this
...I will therefore stop it?
...I hope to see you all again in ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 3,
scheduled for release at the end of May of this year?

Keep on hackin'!

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.