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POP POLL by Richard Karsmakers

Yeah, and good morning/afternoon/evening/night to yet another
sparkling and brand new brainbaffling oozynoozy episode of the
one and only independent ST NEWS Popularity Poll! This time,
there has been quite a lot of moving around. Some of the games
that had survived quite a while finally disappeared (like
"Dungeon Master", that will soon be followed by "Elite" and even
"Flightsimulator II"), and there are quite a number of
braininscinerating new entries.
"Super Hangon" finally beat the dust now Mirrorsoft's "Falcon"
(THE flight simulation) got to the highest spot obtainable. A
very striking thing is also happening to Thalion's "Warp",
heading up, up and away! If you ask me, "Warp" might even get
much higher due to sheer programming brilliance. Now, however,
the game is still dangling around at the subtop (at the fourth
position). Pity this game is so hard to get in Holland due to bad
distribution of German games.
Among the new entries, we list "Leisure Suit Larry II - Looking
for Love in Several Wrong Places" as the highest at seven. The
new epic RPG from Melbourne House, "War in Middle Earth", follows
it closely at eight. Two lower new entries are Psygnosis'
"Captain Fizz meets the Blastertrons" and "Ballistix". In the
middle, somewhere, a new entry is contained from Loriciels:

Ranking: Title: Company:
1 ( 6) Falcon Mirrorsoft
2 ( 1) Super Hangon Electric Dreams
3 ( 2) Operation Wolf Ocean
4 ( 7) Warp Thalion
5 ( 3) Bubble Bobble Firebird
6 ( 4) Nebulus Hewson
7 ( -) Leisure Suit Larry II Sierra-on-Line
8 ( -) War in Middle Earth Melbourne House
9 ( 8) Starglider II Rainbird
10 ( 5) Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh Imagine
11 ( -) Skweek Loriciels
12 (10) Super Sprint Electric Dreams
13 ( 9) The Great Giana Sisters Micro Partner
14 ( -) Captain Fizz meets the Blastertrons Psyclapse
15 ( -) Ballistix Psyclapse
16 (15) Carrier Command Rainbird
17 (14) International Karate + System 3
18 (12) Eliminator Hewson
19 (13) Elite Firebird
20 (18) Flightsimulator II SubLOGIC

See you in the next issue of ST NEWS, Volume 4 Issue 3!

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