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MC68030/HYPERCACHE EMULATOR by Richard Karsmakers

We have a very nice item to offer to you in this ST NEWS'
"PROGRAMS" folder. It's a program called "68030", and it is a
Public Domain version of an 680xx-annex "Hypercache" emulator.
What does this mean?
This means that you can use and emulate any mnemonics belonging
to the 68000, 68008, 68010, 68020 and 68030 micro processors -
and that you get approximately 30% more processor speed due to
its "Hypercache" emulating ("Hypercache" is a hardware extension
that sets your ST to 16 Mhz).
This is, of course, incredible.
Especially since it's 100% software!
Add to that that the program also reads out the current GEM
time, keeps track of the time on screen (mid and hi res) and that
it displays the disk drive/track during disk I/O, and it's a very
nice little program (just over 1 Kb) to have in your AUTO folder.

We have secured the world exclusive first distribution rights to
this test version, and are therefore able to offer it to you on
the ST NEWS disk. You will be able to check its remarkable
performance yourself now - just slam the program in your AUTO
folder and hype up!

The author of the program (and director of Transgalactic
Megasystems in Sunnyvale, California), Marvin Dent, is confident
that the program will strike BIG, because there's even more to it
in the final version, which is due for launch in June this year.
This final version will include true MC68040 emulation (multi-
tasking geeks beware!), and will probably be EVEN FASTER! Also,
the clock/drive display can be switched off and on (which might
be regarded as something very nice by many people) then. He's
also been mentioning something about half-brite modus emulation
(that's Amiga...) and HAM mode emulation (Amiga, again...).
Something that's not yet certain at the moment (but which I was
told by Mr. Dent) is the inclusion of some remarkable speed
loading code he has developed as a system patch. This will be
able to speed up all floppy disk operations that use standard OS
calls up to 250% - and it will speed up standard harddisk
operations up to an incredible 5000%! And all this, again, will
be possible without any hardware add-ons.

I surely never heard of Transgalactic Megasystems before, but
they are on the right way to manifest themselves next to
established companies like Gribnif ("NeoDesk"), Application &
Design Software ("Universal Item Selector") and Double Click
Software ("DC Format").
Great, Mr. Dent!

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