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POP POLL by Richard Karsmakers

This is the time of new titles, and that can be seen because of
the fact that there are a massive 9 new entries (almost half of
the entire chart). It was obvious that "Xenon II", the shoot-'em-
up of 1989, was to be the new number one: Right out of the blue,
just like "Great Giana Sisters" one year ago (which,
coincidentally, disappeared in this issue's poll for the first
time). Some of the classics, like "Carrier Command" and
"International Karate +", also died down.
"Gridrunner" is still high - which was obvious because, quite
frankly, it's my favourite game. Some of the other mega-addictive
games, like "Blood Money" and "Rick Dangerous", also entered the
poll at a high position. "Bubble Bobble" is now having its last
demise, and "Super Sprint" will probably be gone in the next
A couple of remarkable entries are "Spherical" and "Chambers of
Shaolin" - the first two games of German software companies that
actually 'made it' outside Germany.

Ranking: Title: Company:
1 ( -) Xenon II Mirrorsoft
2 ( 1) Gridrunner Llamasoft
3 ( -) Blood Money Psygnosis
4 ( 2) Populous Electronic Arts
5 ( 3) Falcon Mirrorsoft
6 ( -) Rick Dangerous Firebird
7 ( 5) Leisure Suit Larry II Sierra-on-Line
8 ( -) Chambers of Shaolin Thalion
9 ( -) Spherical Rainbow Arts
10 ( 4) Andes Attack Llamasoft
11 ( 7) Super Hangon Electric Dreams
12 ( 8) Bubble Bobble Firebird
13 ( -) Cybernoid II Hewson
14 ( 9) Nebulus Hewson
15 ( -) Titan Titus
16 (11) Operation Wolf Ocean
17 ( -) Targhan Silmarils
18 (12) Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh Imagine
19 ( -) Krypton Egg Hitsoft
20 (15) Super Sprint Electric Dreams

Well, folks, that's it. The Last Pop Poll!!

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