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? Niklas 'Tanis of TCB' Malmqvist

by Richard Karsmakers

Please note drastic revisions at Ocean, Rainbird and Firebird.

* = Already published
# = Demo seen
~ = Screenshot(s) seen

- Access: See U.S. Gold

- Accolade: Day of the Viper~, Test Drive II~, Blue Angels~,
California Challenge, The Supercars (latter two both data disks
for Test Drive II)

- Ace: Soldier of Light~

- Activision: Championship Sprint, Karnov (platform game),
Bangkok Knights, The Last Ninja II, Galaxy Force, Altered
Beast*, Hot Rod, Sonic Boom, Ace Attacker, Die Hard, Power
Drift#, Super Wonderboy*, Fighting Soccer (the latter nine are
all arcade games for which Activision's Mediagenic recently
acquired the conversion rights), Timescanner*, Real
Ghostbusters*, Ghostbusters 2~, Wicked*, Tusker~, Myth (System 3
shoot-'em-up), Dominator*, Stealth

- Actual Screenshots: I Ludicrus*

- Addictive: See Prism Leisure

- Again again: Tracksuit Manager~

- Alternative Software: Wrangler~, Mystery of the Indus Valley,
Postman Pat

- Anco: Maniax~

- Arcana: No Excuses~

- Argonaut: Argasm~ (assembler)

- Artronic: Fast Lane~, Breach (isn't that one OLD?)

- Atari: Hyperpaint, Hyperchart, Hyperdraw, Atari Grand Prix*,
Borodino~, Tempest~, Star Breaker, Xor*

- Audiogenic: Creepy Crawly, Lone Wolf, Mirror of Death

- Axxiom: Power Styx, Gunshoot, Spinworld

- Brøderbund: Shuffleback Cafe*, Wings of Fury, The Ancient Art
of War

- Capcom: See U.S. Gold

- Cascade: Implosion, Ring Wars~, Form Master, Disk 15 (a
15-games compilation disk at £19.95!), Thunderwing, DNA Warrior

- CDS: Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Steve Davis' World
Snooker~, Triangles

- Classic Software: Marksman

- Codemasters: Grand Prix Simulator~, Advanced Rugby Simulator~,
Four Soccer Simulations, Super Stunt Man~, Rock Star (scenario
sounds a bit like "To be on Top")

- Coktel Vision: Jungle Book, Terrific, Peter Pan

- Computer Concepts: Fast Assembler

- Cosmi: See Microprose

- Creation: Stormtrooper*

- CRL: Atari ST Virus Killer V3.9GB* (previously Virus
Destruction Utility), Future Sports, more games

- D3M: Hotball~

- Delphine: See Palace

- Digita International: Classic Invaders, Pharaoh III

- Digital Insanity: ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 5*

- Digital Magic Software: Trained Assassin~, Scorpion~

- Dinamic: See Ocean

- Domark: Trivial Pursuit Genus 2, A New Beginning, Hard
Drivin'#, A.P.B.~, Dragon Spirit* (nice on PC Engine!!)

- Eclipse: Atax~, Growth~

- Eidersoft: Quantum Paint 2*

- Electra: Steven's Wonderful Game

- Electric Dreams: See Activision

- Electronic Arts: Hyperdrive, Star Fleet, Dragon Force, Master
Ninja, Twilight's Ransom, Battle Chess*, Neuromancer, Ferrari
Formula One*, Fusion*, Sky Fox II*, Raleigh Formula I, Hawk#
(flight simulator by Jez San's Argonaut Software!!), Populous -
The Promised Lands*, Hound of Shadow#

- Elite: Paperboy*, Space Harrier II~, Ghosts & Goblins~, Mike
Read's Pop Quiz~, Dogs of War*, Commando~

- Empire Software: Let Sleeping Gods Lie* (oof! What a title! The
game comes on three disks)

- Ere Informatique: See Infogrames

- Exocet: Hyperdome~, Liberators~, Apache Strike~, Hellraiser~

- Exxos: See Infogrames

- Faster than Light: Sundog II, RPV (kinda Starglider), Dungeon
Master extra levels~ (Chaos Strikes Back)

- Firebird: Rick Dangerous*, Savage*, Rainbow Islands#, 3D Pool*,
Mr. Heli*, Quartz#, Action Fighter*, Oriental Games#, P47#,
Contact, Blazing Barrels~

- GfA Systemtechnik: GfA Basic 3.0 compiler* (finally!)

- Go!: See U.S. Gold

- Golden Goblins: Grand Monster Slam*, Circus Attractions*

- Grandslam: Thunderbirds*, Espionage, The Running Man*, Dandy,
Saints & Greavsie*, Liverpool#

- Gremlin: Blood Valley, Tour de Force, Duel Master, Night Raider,
Aquablast, Hercules Slayer of the Damned, Gary Lineker's Super
Skills, Gary Lineker's Hot Shot, Butcher Hill~, Ultimate Golf~,
Ramrod#, H.A.T.E.*

- Hewson: Roadstar, Stormlord*, Astaroth*, Kalashnikov, Cybernoid
II*, Battle Valley, 5th Gear* (the latter two are budget games on
their Racket label), Onslaught#, Scavenger# (the latest John
Phillips game), Steel#, Slayer*

- HiSoft: ProFlight~ (Flight simulator)

- Hitsoft: Krypton Egg*

- Horror Soft: Personal Nightmare*

- Imageworks: See Mirrorsoft

- Imagine: See Ocean

- Impressions: Chariots of Wrath*

- Incentive: See Microprose

- Infocom: Zork Zero (The Revenge of Megaboz)

- Infogrames: Operation Neptune~, North & South# (based on the
cartoon book), Tin Tin on the Moon*, Temple of the Flying
Saucers~, The Quest for the Time Bird~, Kult* (from the makers
of Captain Blood)

- Interceptor: Outland~

- Krisalis: Prison~

- Lankhor: Maupiti Island~ (follow-up to Mortville Manor), Vroom,
G'nius, Mechanic Warrior

- Leisure Genius: Monopoly

- Level 9: Gnome Ranger II, Scapeghost, Ingrid's Back

- Linel: Dragonslayer, Crown, Solaria

- Llamasoft: Attack of the Mutant Camels, Revenge of the Mutant

- Logotron: Eye of Horus*, Star Blaze~, Bad Company# (used to be
called 3D Marine - from Steve Bak!), Resolution 101#, Defender
of the Ground, Cloud Kingdoms

- Lucasfilm Games: See U.S. Gold

- Mandarin Software: Rallyrun, STOS Compiler*, STOS Sprite 600*,
STOS Maestro Plus*

- Mastertronic: Hyperball, Rogue (?!), Kikstart II,
Stormbringer, Dan Dare, Hacker, Rigel's Revenge (the latter at
£9.99!), Monopoly Deluxe, Dreadnought, Aargh, Star Gate, Risk~,
Shinobi*, The Ninja Warriors, Continental Circus, Silkworm*,
Gemini Wing*, Double Dragon II

- Mediagenic: See Activision

- Melbourne House: Metropolis (kinda Brataccas), Grim Blood

- Methodic Solutions: Battle Chopper

- Microdeal/Michtron: Black Che, Fright Night#, Insanity Fight,
Talespin (including some adventures made with this Adventure
Creator), Guardian Moons#, Amnios

- Microprose: Red Storm Rising, Rat Pack, Greenpeace*, Tower of
Babel, Stuntcar Racer*, Xenophobe#, Starlord, Survivor,
Midwinter, Dark Side* (follow-up to Driller), Total Eclipse*,
Microprose Soccer*, Dragonscape*, RVF* (motorracing game)

- Microstatus: See Microprose

- Microstyle: See Microprose

- Mirrorsoft/Master Designer/Mindscape/Imageworks: King of
Chicago*, Obsession, Rocket Ranger~, F-16 Combat*, Interphase*,
Orbiter~, Balance of Power 1990, Deja Vu II*, American Ice
Hockey, Willow (yep...the movie), The Colony, DefCon 5~, NavCom
6, Bloodwych*, Phobia*, Xenon II* (BRILLIANT graphics!), Passing

- Nexus: Chameleon~

- Novagen: Mercenary II: Damocles#

- Ocean/Imagine/Taito: Renegade*, Dragon Ninja*, Batman the
Movie*, Robocop*, Red Heat*, Run the Gauntlet*, Voyager*
(Starglider II-like game), Cabal, New Zealand Story*, Operation
Thunderbolt~, Ivanhoe~, Lost Patrol, The Untouchables~, Chase
HQ*, Beach Volley, Battle Command (the follow-up to "Carrier

- Omnitrend: Paladin~

- Origin: See Microprose

- Palace Software: Starship, Rimrunner~, Shoot'em up Construction
Set*, Bio Challenge*, Castle Warrior~

- Pandora: Galdregon's Domain*

- Pick'n'Choose: Chucky Egg II*

- Precision Software: Superbase Professional Version 3

- Prism Leisure: Terra Force, Hotshot, Rocket Roger, The
Kristal*, Pub Games, Arac, Artificial Dreams~, Hyperforce~

- PSS: Bismarck~

- Psyclapse: See Psygnosis

- Psygnosis: Aquaventura~, Blood Money*, Beast!~, Barbarian II~,
Stryx~, Never Mind, Marauders, Carthage, Killing Game Show,
Carthage, Gore, Firestone

- Quicksilva: See Grandslam

- Racket: See Hewson

- Rainbird: Weird Dreams*, Verminator*, Myth*, UMS II, Epoch,

- Rainbow Arts: Arthur & Marthur (Giana Twins in Futureland),
The Deep*, Spherical*, Conqueror#

- Red Rat Software: Speed Run~, Red Ace, Time Runner~

- Reline: Oil Imperium*

- Screen 7: Jaws~, Steigar~, High Steel, Fallen Angel~, Crossbow~

- Sierra on Line: Thexder~, Space Snatchers, Mickey's Space
Adventure, Hero's Quest#, Leisure Suit Larry III#

- Softek: Winter's Tale (Garfield II), Deskwrite (£50 DTP)

- Software Horizons: See Microprose

- Spectrum Holobyte: See Mirrorsoft

- Starbyte: Leonardo*

- Strategic Simulations Inc./Origin: Shards of Spring
(Intermediate SSI adventure), Pools of Radiance, Stellar
Crusade, Shiloh: Grant's Trail/West, Warship, Realm of the Trous

- SubLOGIC: Scenery Disk #9 (Chicago, St. Louis & Cincinatti),
Hawaiian Odyssey, UFO Flightsim.

- System 3: See Activision

- Thalamus: Quedex, Search for Sharla, Bamboo, Xenodrome,
Hunter's Moon, Armalyte, Hawkeye*, Sanxion (!!)

- Thalion: Chambers of Shaolin*, Dragonflight#, Seven Gates of
Jambala*, Teramis#, Warp*, No Second Prize#, Amberstar#, A
Prehistoric Tale (working titles)(?), Moonshadow (?),
Spellbinder (working title, shoot-'em-up)

- The Edge: Risk, Inside Outing, Fairlight Trilogy, Bobby
Bearing, Raffles* (kinda "Crafton & Xunk")

- Titan Games: Blackscar~

- Titus: Off Shore Warrior*, Titan*, Galactic Conquerer*, Knight

- Tommy Software: Laser Deluxe (laserprint utility), Lispas II,
Soundmachine ST*, MegaPaint 2.0*

- Tynesoft: Blood Sever, Mayday Squad~, Rodeo Games~, Beverly
Hills Cop~, Elvira - Mistress of Darkness, Roller Coaster
Rumbler*, First Person Pinball~

- Ubi-soft: Iron Lord~, Zombi*, Final Command~, Skateball*

- U.S. Gold: Charlie Chaplin~, Road Blasters*, The Games (Summer
Edition)*, Spy vs. Spy III, California Games, Tower Toppler,
Street Cat, Black Tiger~, Red Storm, Last Duel~, Forgotten
Worlds*, Tiger Road, Human Killing Machine~, Joan of Arc,
Indiana Jones - The last Crusade*, Strider*, Moonwalker# (hold
me - I've got to vomit), Heavy Metal (this sounds MUCH better!),
Outrun Europe~, Vigilante~, Loom#, Battle of Britain#, Turbo

- Vectordean: Dante# (will be sold to another company)

- Vektor Grafics: Bomber# (seems to promise a lot), Fighting

- Virgin Games: See Mastertronics

- White Panther Publishing: Quasar (French oldie?), Alpha Max~

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.