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by Stefan, Richard, Ronny, Lars-Erik, Torbjørn, Karl Anders,
Frøystein, Gard, Elin, Ole J., Morten, Bent, Kjetil, Bjørn,
Simen, Knis (the cat), Hanne-Mari, Anne-Grete and Bjørge

All individual people writing in this article are entirely
responsible for what they have written. No responsibility
whatsoever goes to the editorial staff of ST NEWS, unless where
they have written themselves.
You might at times be left wondering about the rather strange
setup of this article. Please remember that this article was not
only 'real time' typed, but also recorded on a walkman and later
typed out. This might result even in two stories being told at
the same time...

Sunday, December 31th 1989

"The last day of the decade..." (Ronny quote)


Stefan is farting like some kind of mutant animal from a planet
called Multifizzic Omega. He says it's due to the food we had
("Running Nose"). So we're now in downtown Ørsta and we have been
confronted with what we would like to call 'car dating'.
This means that any given Norwegian in any given car will try to
halt at any given location after which he will wait any given
time until any given other Norwegian in any given other car will
halt besides him.
They will then turn down their windows and start chatting.
What civilised human beings do in the quiet (and warm)
surroundings of a pub, the Norwegians do in the middle of the
night in the middle of the cold anywhere in town.
Thus, when you drive through downtown Ørsta, you will find
groups of two to four cars standing, with all windows wound down
and people merrily chatting.
This is Ørsta (though it is also said to happen elsewhere in
Norway apart from Oslo).
Just to be certain that you get hold of it all: It's now
Fredrick, Ronny, Stefan and myself in the car and on the move...



This ain't fair! Now Torbjørn, or Lord Hackbear, as I now have
to call him, gets all the honour! SUCK!

Karl (who will now have to beat Lord Hackbear)


Ole J. is leaving this room right now!



This ain't fair at all!!! I don't think I can survive the
next year without (or with) U2.
Lars-Erik is now trying to find salvation in some of the music
which Ronny owns, but I don't think that he's gonna get anything
from it (Oh GOD, is that Beethoven or what..........).



Gard has just found a copy of PowerBasic, and is working on a
biorythm-program he has made. The music is playing quite nice
from the loudspeakers, but it is a bit fast. Karl Anders and Lord
Hackbear have just left. They had to go to bed. They went to bed
8 o'clock this morning, and now they needed some sleep. I guess I
will be off soon too. It is approximately half an hour to go
home with my car, and I feel that my eyelids are heavy. Ronny,
Richard and Stefan are still gone (to Fredrik) and I don't know
when they will be back. Lars-Erik looks like he has been up for a
week, or like he has just got up from bed (after 2 weeks in bed).
I think he could do with some sleep!



Ole J. is back in town.... But guess what he forgot? The four
CD's which he was leaving for. Ole is now very, very unpopular.



We just came back from a visit to Fredrik, where we had a look
at some utterly absurd video called "Whoops Apocalypse", and
afterwards tried to 'date a car' at the local Esso fuel station.
Now here is something I should try to explain to you all. It is
weird, and therefore typically Norwegian,
Many times at night, Norwegians drive their car to a space where
several cars can park, and they stop next to another car and
start chatting.
It is a very strange sight. Groups of two and sometimes even
three cars (or FOUR) are standing in the middle of the street, or
on a parking lot somewhere. The light are on, and the motor is
often off. They just talk.
Since we didn't have immediate success, Fredrik decided to show
off his dad's Opel Kadett GSI and started to drive like a raving
madman through deserted mountain paths between Ørsta and the
neigbourtown of Volda. He truly made me sick in the stomach and I
had to switch to the front seat to prevent me from throwing up
all over the (digital) dashboard.
I still don't feel alltogether too well, and therefore I have
even refrained from drinking Coke which my tongue actually longs
for desperately.
And now I think I'm going to lay back for a while.
The Norwegians are truly a unique people.
To say the least.
(Editorial remark: See? This is what can occur when working with
real time articles and real time tapes that get added later...)



I am really impressed by the speed Richard types. He uses just
two fingers (perhaps three), and he has twice the speed that I
have, typing with 10 fingers. I have to say that I don't type
fast, but still.
Karl Anders and Lord Hackbear did not go to bed after all. At
least it seems as they didn't, because they are both in this room
now (I think). The room is again full with talk and strange
noises (Dutch is really a strange language). Coke is once again
the number one drink in this room, except from Plantiac, beer and
water, the only drink I know anyone has been drinking.
Everybody seems to be watching Gard programming his biorythm-
program. I didn't think anybody liked biorythm-programs anymore,
but I was wrong.



Gard has just left the keyboard of the other computer in this
room (Ronny's, remember? It was busted earlier today and
accidentally repaired). He makes a hobby of typing in a password
that he got from the TCB "Cuddly Demos", which was supposed to
get to a hidden screen.


MC68000 of Ronny: ?
MC68000 of Frøystein: Ha ha! He's crashed again!
MC68000 of Ronny: Shit.


Where was I?
Ah. The password.
It's "hubbagnurfgnurftjolahoppsonhejsanblippblappbloppmasterfag"
and he's showing off to everybody that he knows it by heart.
Another prime example of the general nuttiness of the



Bruce Willis was on the CD player, Torbjørn and Karl Anders are
gone and my stomach is now feeling comfortable again (until
Stefan produced one of his devastating farts, that is) - which
will probably not last long.
Morten just exclaimed that he should have been in bed for about
two hours already now. He isn't, due to unexplained reasons
and/or circumstances.



That stuff they fed us at dinner (I temporarily lost the
capability to remember the name of it ... Brennsnut some
Norwegians immediately say ... Ronny says it means 'running
nose') has impacted my stomach so vigorously that it is quite
upset now. This has resulted in some record-breaking farts with
people fleeing the room and stuff. Anyway, it feels a bit less
restless down there now, so I think I will be OK and will be
spared the fate of having to run between the Camper Van and
Ronny's house (=toilet) all night through at least 20 metres of
frozen air.
Anyway Ronny is gone now, I suppose he is eating.
For the last couple of nights, we have always been eating late
at night, but this time they amaze me again. Eating at
two o'clock in the morning? Well, after the car-dating and the
cat-dressing nothing can amaze me anymore.
I hope that we will be able to go to a party tomorrow night and
meet some of the female population of Ørsta and surroundings.
After having been surrounded by about ten computerfreaks for two
days, I am in desperate need of some female conversation about
non-computer topics. We are also going to climb the mountain
(Melshornet) on Tuesday by the way.
I am getting a bit tired and sleepy now so I should start
considering going to bed which will take at least another half an



I am also feeling inexplicably tired now. Especially now only
Ronny, Stefan, Gard, Lars-Erik and yours truly are here, it
suddenly feels empty and restful.
Vangelis' "Direct" CD is also supplying some of the sounds that
make one slightly tired.
We'll be pondering over the last couple of days and then hit the
sleeping sack.



We have retreated to the camper, where we will put ourselves to
rest for the last time in the nineteeneighties. The rest (i.e.
Lars-Erik and Gard) has not yet arrived.



I'm tired !!!!! Good morning - Ohhh God - is it morning ???!!!



I was just half asleep when the rest came in and made a noise
that would have easily woken up the dead...
I guess I will be sleeping again soon.



We are waking up again, and feel like we've slept for nine
hours. have.
Gard will probably be actually leaving today. This time there
will be no more mercy. We will have to do without him during the
last part of our holiday (snif).



Gosh...we might have woken up, but lying in bed with the heater
INSIDE the sleeping bag is surely a great and utterly exciting
Another Stefan quote



Richard and myself are now lying on one side, with both our
asses up to the ceiling and the ventilator prewarming our butts
and legs.



We have decided to fold up Gard.
We just couldn't resists.
We had to do it.
We couldn't do anything against this preternatural urge.
(The walkman recording reveals at least three minutes of
constant crying and yelling as Gard is indeed folded beyond any
flexible comprehension. The camper shakes and shudders).
Gard quote (he did this several times)




Fresh and awake I am sitting here alone in Ronny's boudoir. By
the sound of it, Richard is taking a shower which means that it
will take at least another half and hour before I will be able to
dress myself properly. I wonder where Ronny is. Maybe I will
quest the house for him a little. Gard has now come in and the
sheer thought of him leaving in a few hours makes me feel
immensely sad.....I'd better quit before a stream of tears wrecks
this computer!!!!



So! Here I am. It's 100 minutes till I'm leaving Ørsta. "Why?" I
hear Stefan and Richard cry. Unfortunately, my parents won't let
me stay any longer.
Actually, I woke up an hour ago. I took a shower while everybody
else was asleep. When I returned to the camper, two maniac Dutch
programmers attacked me and tried to kill me. Lars-Erik was busy
trying to sleep. "Don't make such a noise," he said. "I want to
Ronny just entered the room to say good morning.
I have had a long talk with Richard about link-viruses, and I
have agreed to try to make a position-independent link-virus
There's some "slow" music on the stereo, and the volume is not
full!!! A nice change, actually!
Lars-Erik has come to Ronny's room as well, and he couldn't
believe his eyes when he saw Richard awake.



Stupid Dutchies. Can't even fold up and kill Gard without
making a hell of a noise. Somebody tried to sleep !!!!!! Well,
at least I woke up.... Looks (and sounds) like a slow day. The
music almost makes me sleep again. There are only 4 people in
the room right now and not at all as chaotic as last night. NOOO
!!!! Not any more Bubble Bobble !!!! Please !!!!






More crazy dogs - and more Bubble Bobble. Gard has to pack
because he is too small to stay here during new-year celebration
:-) and I'll have to drive him to the ferry....



My stomach is now again happily filled with home-made bread that
was covered with a great raspberry-jam and potato-salad. When we
opened the door to the kitchen, a horde of small pappilon dogs
poored into the living room, licking, biting and bouncing around
us. They are so immensely cute, it's amazing.
"Don't do it, but if you do it, don't flush the toilet"
Richard quote



I just forgot to press the fire button when playing "Bubble
Bobble" (and so did Gard, I am afraid).
So we lost all our credits and died.
A common synonym for an animal's solid excrements passed my



I'm leaving now. Bye! (I think I'll visit these guys in Holland
some time)



We're going for some instant mountain walking that Elin just



Stefan and myself are standing outside as we see Lars-Erik's
Lada disappear in the distance, carrying Gard away from our care.
Sad feelings clog our throats, our eyes wet at the sheer thought
of solitude without Mr. Eggesbø Abrahamsen.


Editorial remark: From now on, everything's been real-time
recorded into the Walkman while doing some physical stuff never
before imagined possible by us. Only the 14:20 remark was typed
in during our absence in the real-time article.


Elin made a surprise suggestion: Instead of climbing our first
mountain coming Tuesday, we might just as well climb a somewhat
smaller mountain called Skola (I think that was the name) while
walking the dogs (the for Golden Retrievers).
So we agreed. Ronny can clean up his room, and Stefan, Elin, the
dogs and yours truly will start on an adventure. We took some
Cola and Crisps, so we should be able to survive. We also both
took our photo cameras, so I guess we'll be taking some swell



We just actually entered the vast wilderness behind Ronny's
house after crossing a wildly flowing small brook. I nearly fell
flat on my face immediately since there was some unexpected ice,
and thereby nearly crippled the dog I was supposed to be walking.
It's really magnificent here. There are little brooks, some
waterfalls, and vast forests.



Just put Gard on the ferry. Mountain-walking !!!??? Climbing !
Much too heavy for me.... Ohhh... It's not totally empty here.
Ronny just got in the room.... Ahhh... Nice and quiet....



It must have been years ago that I have been this tired. My
bronchitis strikes again, and we're only less than half a
kilometre high.
I am VERY tired.
(The Walkman recording reveals some heavy sighing and some deep



I am slow in catching up with the others, which are generally
gaining space on me. I know now that the army didn't let me go to
work for Thalion for nothing. There is something wrong with me
(or, at least, with my breathing apparatus). The snow is already
getting less solid here, and it's all very impressive. We have
almost reached the 'tree border' (the border above which no trees
tend to grow any more, mind you).
I can imagine Ronny cleaning his room, and I suppose it's a damn
lot easier than what we're doing here. Somehow, I think I will
not climb that BIG mountain on Tuesday.



I just actualy ran a bit, and I see stars everywhere. Elin and
Stefan are quite a lot higher now, and they have decided to leave
me struggling here and that I will stay down here (much lower,
anyway). I will try to get some higher but I told them they
needn't wait for me...



About 10 metres under what I previously called the 'tree
border'. I see stars everywhere, but I see them mainly on the
snow so that it might just as well be the sparkling of the
sunlight. The sun, by the snowpath, is now slowly setting and
taking care that we see a magnificently coloured scenery.
I just took my pulse. It's 240 heart beats per minute, so I
guess I'll shut down a bit.



I can and will not go higher. Sigh. Sigh (deep sighing in
Walkman). I am getting in gear slowly again. I am sitting in the
last rays of the sun that will succeed in staying this low, and
higher up I can see the others with the dogs. I just saw large
black spots before my eyes...
Some people are actually skiing here.
I am looking forward to a refreshing shower since I have sweated
like a mutant pig. But I never thought I could get this high on
my own sheer power.



They are coming down again, with the dogs as well.



We are together again, and happily drink cola. The dogs are
really nice (the one I had always waited until I would catch up
with her). She's a good girl (Norwegian: Flink janta).
Dog quote



We stumbled over frozen hills and climbed with the dogs upto
heights never before imagined obtainable. At a certain moment, we
slided down ten metres....dogs and Elin and all. Sometimes, we
had to walk step by step, with our heels making holes in the
ground to stand in/on. Icy cold shivers through my whole being,
and I am merely kept erect by the sheer magnificence, the fresh
air and the breathtaking view.
I am now drinking Cola and feel ultimately satisfied. Boy. This
all gives so much energy that I feel like I can explode!!



At enormous speeds, we now dash down the mountains. With dogs
and all, we glide and slide and fall and crash down the slopes.
Big fun, and it's a bloomin' miracle that we don't break anything
or hurt ourselves.



It is evident that I live by the mercy of SHORT bursts of power.
Even when I ran down with the dogs for a mere minute, I feel very
It's getting dark, by the way - especially between the trees.


Editorial remark: End of real time tape excerpt. Let's get going
with the rest of the article.


So we're back.
My entire being is glowing from the cold air in which it has
been for the last two hours. Elin led us up a mountain called
'Skåla' and it was quite a trip indeed. We took the four dogs
with us and the views we beheld up there were so immense that
words fail me to describe them. The sun setting behind a distant
mountain, enveloping its top in a purple haze was amazing.
In the beginning, it was quite easy. A soft slope with lots of
trees made climbing not too hard. We just had to take care of the
small patches of ice, not to slip when the dogs pulled us. After
about 15 minutes, we arrived at the snow. Richard was already
tired then, his breathing apparatus has not been designed for
mountain climbing. Then the hard part started. The trees started
to become less and less dense and at a certain moment, we passed
the tree-line. Then it started to become really tricky. The snow
was completely frozen with lots of holes, so we had to walk very
carefully. Slight feelings of exhaustion were starting to trouble
me and Richard did not look like he was able to climb another
metre. At that point we made a dramatic decision: we would have
to leave Richard behind. Struggling with his breath, he was lying
on the snow, not able to move anymore. But I had only one thing
in mind: getting higher. The incredible fresh air was getting to
my brain and energy started coursing through my veins. With
renewed vigour I started climbing again and followed Elin who did
not show the slightest signs of fatigue. Then we left the path
and climbed up a steep, completely frozen slope. The dogs were
having trouble with the slippery snow and we had to walk by
stamping holes in the snow with our feet. Then at a certain
point, I slipped and started sliding down, dragging dogs behind
me. I was heading straight for poor Elin and at a certain moment
we both slid down the slope in a frenzy of struggling dogs. But
we did not give up and went even further until we reached a point
where I could take some incredible pictures. Then we spotted
Richard who struggled behind us, way down below.
Then we started to go down again, until we reached Richard who
was sitting on a rock, looking quite fatigued. We took the
backpack I had been carrying all the time and drank two bottles
of coke, which was great after all those endeavours.
The way back was a bit easier, but all the time we had to
control our speed in which we carreered down the mountain. At
certain points, we broke into a run and the dogs would become
enthusiastic, and run like maniacs until we would slip and crash
headlong into the snow. After about 20 minutes we reached the
bottom and solid ground was under our feet again. Then, at the
last patch of ice on the road, Richard slipped and fell quite
heavily on the ground, hurting his hands on the gravel lying on
the ground. When he climbed to his feet and examined his hands, a
most shocking sight was displayed before us. I almost wanted to
cover Elin's eyes to prevent her from beholding a sight most
terrible. His right hand was torn to shreds by the sharp stones
and blood was gushing from the gaping wounds. Shreds of flesh
were dangling from his hand, and the whole was blackened by the
dirt on the road (This might have been slightly exaggerated, but
it looked quite bad at the moment). The rest of the journey was
only interrupted by Richard wanting to wash his hand in a stream
and almost falling into it (no shit!). We came back some minutes
later and Richard was screaming for attention at that time and we
had to take bandaids and some stuff called 'Pyrisept' to nurse
his bruises. He wisely decided that he won't come with us, coming
Tuesday, when we do some real mountain-climbing with skis and



The Thalion Sound Demo is now completely torn to pieces and
parted in files, and all that now has to be done is to put it all
together as an executable file, a task I'm sure Lord Hackbear
will fulfil in a couple of minutes. As to me I'm going home to my
rather boring home and sleep out for a couple of hours before we
all enter a new decade... (In which I will the 'Ripper of the
It seems that they to a certain extent have managed to repair
Richard and that he at last has regained his normal senses. I'd
better leave the keyboard to him and start looking for my home.

Karl Anders


Eight pieces of band aid cover about ten severe wounds on my
body, and I have regained all of my senses again. My behind also
hurts slightly, as (we shouldn't forget that) that was actually
the prime part of my body that listened to a certain law of
physics and collided roughly with the ground.
This must be my bad luck holiday. First I smash a glass with my
elbow (including blood and band aids...) and now....
I do not dare to think of what might happen tonight, when we
light the fireworks!
Lord HackBear and Karl Anders (i.e. his apprentice) have
vanished again, and as far as I know they might not actually
return within a couple of days (?).
But now I feel drained due to loss of blood (I guess, anyway).
Please, dear reader....this is no clever Public Relations joke!
It's the (rather harsh) reality.
Ouch (no, Gard!).



During our absence, Ronny has cleaned his room and it looks
quite tidy now. At this very moment, he is going around with a
vacuum cleaner (even finding some of the glass that had been
destroyed earlier during this 'Norway Quest').
I heard something of a friend of his (a girl) coming down this
evening, so I can understand his endeavours.
I would do the same if I were to (maybe) try to get something
with that girl (which appears to be Ronny's main aim). She's
called Anne-Grete, and lives in Barstadvika.



Now, finally I'm finished. My room looks rather OK now, except
for one of those things lamps usually have around them to reduce
a bit of the light, which is not located where it is supposed to
because we like to have some extra light. In a few days the room
will probably look just like it did a couple of hours ago, but
for now it's kind of tidy, and that's what's important.
I'm probably the one that has written least on this real-time
article. That's not good, I guess. I'll try to increase the rate.
Richard is just now putting some indeedingly heavy music on the
stereo, with a too much volume says Stefan. Lars-Erik is in the
middle of his 5+ hour testing of different games he found on
various disks in some strange wooden diskbox. On the television
some dad of some pupil asked to see his son's desk... (probably a
movie for kids).



I am afraid it is "Bubble Bobble" time again. It's remarkable
how long this game remains playable. I myself, even after
completing it once, still keep on playing it. If only there was a
harddisk installable version...
The music that was already hinted at earlier is again Vendetta's
"Brain Damage". It is really out of its class!






A very heavy dinner has now been purged into our being. It
contained some heavy vegetables, lots of sausages and even sheep
meat (yes, Jeff...we're sorry!). The latter tastes not bad, but I
really prefer normal meat. We also had a base to put it on; a
kind of quadrangular cold pancake that looked like a hanky and
that these Nutties call 'Lefse'.
Also, the sheer thought that I might have eaten a relative of
the famous sheep Molly and Flossy (eh, Jeff!?) burdens me.
Stefan and Elin are continuing their game (of "Bubble Bobble",
that is).



The little dogs (the Papillons, thus) just got some of the
dinner leftovers upstairs. So we all went upstairs and made some
more pictures of them. These dogs are truly lovely and cute, and
I guess I have even made more pics of those dogs than of the
Norwegian mountains.



Elin just hit Richard. They were playing Bubble Bobble and he
did something wrong. She is behaving strange (burping and
swearing like a grown up person). She is now actually teaching
Richard and Stefan to swear in Norwegian.... She is trying to
trick Richard into saying that he is a jerk....



Yes, it looks like little Elin has gotten rid of all her shyness
she had in the beginning and now she is really getting along.
Swearing, burping and hitting is all she does now. In the
beginning, I didn't believe Ronny when he wrote to me that his
little sister was quite a intense person, but now it starts to
dawn upon me....
Ronny just left to go and get his date. We promised him to
behave when she gets here. We won't insult her, we won't insult
him, we'll just insult each other!!



I just came in the door, and I am in a hurry!, I have to get
drunk tonight because it's NEW YEARS EVE! tonight, I just have to
get drunk and forget all my mistakes in the old year.
Lars-Erik, Stefan and Richard are just having a game of
Super Sprint, which they are enjoying. OK..Folks! I have to run,
so have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !, and for God's sake; "Do not drink too

Bjørn (Bear)


"Supersprint" always makes me a bit frustrated, especially in
the higher levels when that bloody computer drone gets so bloody
fast! There was a f.cking oil spot in some very tight corner and
I got stuck there and LOST.
"SHIT!!!! KUT!!!!!!!!"
Richard quote
"Alle olie ligt altijd op the kutplekken!!!!"
Richard quote
Elin quote
(Remark: You will of course understand that Stefan does not take
any responsibility for the above quotes which comprise some
utterly rude Dutch phrases. Richard, of course, quoted these in
the heat of the game and can thus not be held responsible, either
- well....not entirely, anway)



We just recorded some laughter of Elin and it sounded so
immensely funny that we all got the 'weak laugh'. When we played
it back, we almost fell into the 'weak laugh' again. But she
still refuses to recite the crazy poem into the microphone...



"Ej jikk i jungelen me en pikk i handa mi. Å,Å ka såg ej henge i
ett tre. Ei svarte mamma-puler pissa på mej. Ej sa hei mamma-
puler ka du jer i mitt tre, å slutt å pisse på mej!"
(Editorial remark: We have NO idea whatsoever what is standing
here, but it's probably filthy since it was impossible to find
most of the words in any civilised dictionary...This is the
Norwegian of the abovemeant crazy poem, anyway)



Can you believe this girl? A twelve-year-old writing stuff like
this. She even translated it into Norwegian so she must know what
it means, too.....We also got her to say into the microphone so
if we can sample it, it will surely be in ST NEWS or something!
Metal Church is playing now - one of the CD's we brought -
Aaahhhh... finally some decent music....



We just found out that she has seen the movie 'Dirty Dancing'



Hey, where is Ronny ? The party is supposed to start at 21:00
and he hasn't arrived yet. He was just going to get Anne-Grete
(and that's several hours ago). I wonder what he (they) are
doing right now while we are waiting and waiting...



Ronny just arrived with...what was her name?... Anne-Grete. He
looks entirely different now, and I must say that she looks
pretty neat (blond hair and blue eyes and stuff...what all boys
normally like).
Stefan just tried to speak Norwegian to her and she dashed off,
crying (with laughter).
Anne-Grete quote
She just laughed some more, and it sounded EXACTLY like she was
viciously crying. But I guess that's normal in Ørsta and the
immediate neighbourhood.
I just heard that we're going to the party: Stefan, Anne-Grete,
Lars-Erik, Ronny and me.
So we'll have fun.


The rest of the tape as well as the computer article is a total
blackout. Join us in the next decennium...

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.