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? Censor

What do I have to do do? Whose arse do I have to kiss?
-- Jeff Minter when playing with a pre-version
of the Atari Lynx machine at the PC Show

by Richard Karsmakers

...this is ST NEWS Volume 5 Issue 1, the 26th in total?
..., if you haven't got it already, you should try to get your
hands on Volume 4 Issue 4, "the One Issue"? was quite revolutionary? has been enormous?
...we have decided to put ST NEWS on a double sided disk (or two
single sided disks) from now on?
...this assures us of space for the many articles we get
submitted, without having to go through frantic disk formats
and rampant compression techniques?
...this issue is therefore one of the biggest non-Compendium
issue ever produced? features more than 700 Kb articles and another 150 Kb
PROGRAM folder files?
...we are very proud of this?
...this issue's splendid artwork was again done by Thorsten
"Spherical" Mutschall?'s an award-winning picture called "Orc"? is the last picture of this young promising pixel-putting-
talent we've got to offer thus far (this is a hint,
...the music was again written by Jochen from TEX?
...the next issue of ST NEWS (Volume 5 Issue 2, probably due for
launch somewhere in April 1990) will very likely be our
LAST issue? could even very well turn out to be some kind of Last
...both Stefan and myself now are too busy with various other
things (work, mainly) to be able to continue it?
...we have thought for a while about appearing once or twice each
year, but decided not to do that due to lack of actuality?
...Stefan is momentarily using his spare time to write a mega-
zapping, zany arcade game?
...Stefan sortof stopped this and is now also WORKING in his
spare time???
...he does this for the sole reason that it pays quite royally?
...he can thus be classified as a money-hungry fool?
...He got himself a new car?
...he got it from his boss, who offered it to him just after he
mentioned the fact the he might want quit working for him?'s a brand new black Alfa Romeo 33?
...this is quite an interesting automobile?
...Stefan now gave up his plans quitting his job?
...the new car is not the only reason for that?
...I am working for a German company called Thalion?
...this is a very promising young company with some excellent
programmers and graphics artists?
...some of their games are "Chambers of Shaolin", "Warp" and
"Seven Gates of Jambala"?
...they are distributed by Ariolasoft in Germany, Grandslam in
the rest of Europe and (probably) Accolade in the States?
...more info can be found in the "ST Software News" section?
...I am extremely proud to be working for them?
...I do game design, writing novellas and doing software
presentation? will not find any Thalion games reviewed in this issue of
...the reasons behind this decision are obvious?
...the German company G-Data is in legal trouble?
...they are said to have conned a company by re-selling illegal
...this company also tells that they have spread viruses
deliberately on previous software (remember "GEM Retrace
...their "Anti Viren Kit" and "Anti Viren Kit II" viruskillers
are accused of deliberately not recognizing several viruses,
so that the virus problem keeps on spreading despite trials of
...some people even go as far as assuming that their "AVK"s
SPREAD viruses?
...these problems arose already at the end of May?
...I am very glad that these guys finally got up, since
they were also the ones that ripped off my OWN virus killer?
...more will be featured in the "AVK II" article, elsewhere in
this issue?
...I have had to withdraw myself from translating "The Second
Manual to your Atari ST"?
...I lacked time and courage, since the English used was really
difficult to translate?
...I am very sorry, for the honour was tremendous?
...Gro Harlem Brundtland, the Norwegian ex-prime minister, is a
...Stefan saw her on TV some time ago?
...we accused her of being male througout all our Crazy Letters
and our "Norway" article in the third Volume 4 issue?
...she is now no longer even the prime minister of Norway?
...she has been replaced by someone called Jan P. Syse?
...this person is, according to ToRbjørn Ose (one of the
Nutties), even worse?
...Electronic Arts has recently launched a role-playing adventure
called "The Hound of Shadow"?
...the game is designed along H.P. Lovecraft using a new role-
gaming system called Timeline?
...H.P. Lovecraft is a well-known author of horror literature
(ever seen the film "From Beyond"?)?
...the game is set in the roaring '20's and lots of research has
gone into the project to assure realism?
...another game of EA making will be "Imperium", a new
sophisticated strategy game?
...the same graphics artist as that of "Hounds of Shadow" was
used for this job?
...Frank Lemmen, ex-conspirator of ST NEWS, now has a new job?
...he used to work for STRIKE-a-LIGHT, but is now working for a
well known big computer trader called Elektronikaland?
...he has his own branch in Weert, Holland?
...Atari is launching the CD-ROM player without audio-parts as
...this should save around 300 Dutch guilders?
...I am in love again, after months of grieving over Patricia?
...I am quite wondered by it, since the impact of Patricia had
been SO big that I thought it impossible to ever get over it?
...she is called Miranda? should consider yourself lucky that I will not write much
more about her?
...I will only say that one of the moons of Uranus is also
called Miranda?
...Ash Chadwick told me about this?
..."ST Amiga Format" has split up in two magazines ("ST Format"
and "Amiga Format")?
...they did this starting at the end of July?
...they now offer double value for money? will now surely be one of the best magazines around?
...their "Format" disk is double-sided but half of it is usable
for single-sided owners as well - by means of a nice trick?
...there is also a new magazine on the scene - for 16 bit PCs,
Amigas, STs and consoles? is a games magazine called "Zero"? is written in a minddefyingly humorous style?
...I really liked the free pilot issue that was launched at the
"PC Show" in London in late September?
...the first official issue was also VERY GOOD? is the first magazine I actually SUBSCRIBED to?
...Tommy Software is no longer selling "Megapaint Junior"?
...updating to "Megapaint II" from this program is now also no
longer possible (at least not to the cheaper price)?
...there is now also a "Megapaint IIN" version?
...this program allows working with networks? costs DM 1.995 and comes on five disks with five manuals?
..."Megapaint II" now also works with big monitors (up to 7680 x
7680 pixels) and can also use Vektor Graphics? can now also read "Signum!" fonts?
...they now proudly call it "Der Alleskönner" (a thing that can
...Tommy Software has also launched a new version of
"Soundmachine ST", the three-voice digital music creator they
programmed? will contain extra conversion options and such?
...registered users can get it by sending DM 49,-- plus DM 7,--
P&P to Tommy Software, together with the original disk P1?
...they are also selling a program called "SoundMerlin", a sample
editor? is supposed to be quite extensive - which it should be at
DM 299?
...they are now also doing "Sound Machine II" in a very PC-like
...a program called "GrafStar" is now also available (though I
actually don't know anymore what it is)?
...they are now also releasing their "Lispas" as PD?
...a Pascal source file is available at DM 99,- and a printed
manual can be ordered at DM 20,-?
...their address is: Tommy Software, Selchower Str. 32, D-1000
Berlin 44, West Germany (tel. 030/6214063)?
...I have again acquired some cheat tricks for games?
..."LED Storm" supplies you with unlimited energy when you type
...there is a way to get to level 2 in Psygnosis' game "Baal"? it rather complex? should type in "lovebundle" when you arrive in the
highscore table? should then again play and enter a different name, press
"P" and F10 and type "fuck off pirates bastards" (sorry for
the language)? will then go to level 2?
...the guys that did "Roadblasters" (U.S. Gold) surely must be
Rush fans?
...when you type "LAVILLASTRANGIATO" when you're on the starting
line, you can press the following keys to gain stuff:?
1 = Add UZ cannon
2 = Add cruise missiles
3 = Add electro shields
4 = Add nitro injectors
0 = Remove special weapons
X = Skid
S = Next level
F = Add gas
G = End of game
...there is also a very useful cheat for the excellent
Firebird/Microprose game "Rick Dangerous"? should enter "POOKY" when you arrive at a hiscore, which
enables you to start from any level you had once you die?
...this is VERY useful, as the game is otherwise a tiny bit too
...there are some tiny 'cheats' for extra music in all current
Thalion game intros? should type SCHNISM for a bouncing logo, and AAARRGH for
an alternative piece of music?
...,in the "Jambala" intro, you should press the "J" and then the
"O" (whilst not releasing the "J") to toggle the title tunes?
...Microprose's "F-19 Stealth Fighter" won a Software Publishers
Association "Best Simulation" award on May 23rd 1989?
...everybody is still waiting for the game to appear on the ST,
for it has now only appeared on (as far as I know) PC and
...there's also a nice game on the Commodore 64 called "Stealth"
but I'm not sure it's the same?
...I kinda like that one, nonetheless?
..."F-19 Stealth Fighter" will soon be one of the first real
arcade flight simulators?
...the machine should be able to draw 60,000 polygons per second?
...Microprose has launched "RPF" (a motor racing game), "Total
Eclipse" and "Pirates"?
...Psygnosis is entering the 8-and 16 bit game console market?
...therefore they have signed a deal with U.S.-based First Star,
...they intend to launch their chart topping games on game
consoles now as well?
...someone called Peter J. Orme is looking for ST users in other
...his address is 29 Severn Tower, Cromwell Street, Nechells,
Birmingham B75 BD, England?
...Alan Parsons (from the A.P. Project) uses an ST to create his
...Queen used the ST as well, when making their latest album "The
...Psygnosis is working on some truly GREAT games that will leave
ALL existing games standing in the shade (including some of
the recent stuff coming from Germany)?
...I've seen some graphics that really made me drool?
...some titles are "Beast!" and "Barbarian II" (!!)?
...they've had 43 releases lined up on different formats starting
at last summer well up into the next year? was quite a crowded schedule?
...the ST releases featured "Blood Money" (August, £24.95),
"Triad II" ("Baal", "Tetris" and "Menace" at £24.95,
September), "Stryx" (September, £19.95), "Never Mind"
(September, £19.95), "Infestation" (October, £24.95), "Matrix
Marauders" (October, £19.95), "Barbarian II" (November,
£24.95), "Carthage" (November), "Killing Game Show"
(November), "Flash Dragon" (November), "Aquaventura"
(December), "Shadow of the Beast" (December - don't let Amiga
owners tell you it's not done on the ST!!), "Gore" (December)
and "Firestone" (February 1990)? will notice that their release schedules lags behind a
..."Beast" (full name: "The Shadow of the Beast") is a
particularly good game on the Amiga? get a 'free T-shirt' with it - and the price tag is
..."Stryx" will feature many small graphics instead of 'enormous
graphics', thus dismissing the trend of "big of beautiful"?
..."Never Mind" will be a thinking game with 300 levels (actually
300 puzzles)?
...Psygnosis also has a new address? is South Harrington Building, Sefton Street, Liverpool L3
...the phone number is (England) 051-709-5755?
..."Chessmaster 2000" has NOT been put on Electronic Arts' budget
re-release of £9.99?
...this is due to non-specified circumstances?
...the world-wide rights to my virus killer, the "Virus
Destruction Utility", have been sold?
...the company that acquired the rights is CRL, known for an
Amiga virus killer and games like "Tau Ceti" and "Lancaster"?
...they are selling it widely now, through distribution channels
I had never dared to dream of?
...they are mentioning 1000 copies sold in the first month, and
over 3000 orders up front already? thus seems to be going well?
...Sodom (the German trash metal band) has launched their latest
album, "Agent Orange", in June?
...I consider it to be their heaviest album, and one of their
...another, rather new band called "Living Colours" is also worth
listening to? is no trash metal, but heavy rock with good melodies?
...another non-trash band, "Mucky Pup", is also VERY good?
...they create hip-hop-socia-humour-trash-speed-beastie music?'s very nice and humorous?
...Stefan and myself saw them 'live' on August 24th, in
...we were totally carried away (and so was everybody else)? was like a big PARTY?
...I have also discovered a band called "Acid Reign" which I
think it very good?
...their "The Fear" CD offers over 76 minutes of music that is
very good? is one of my favourite CDs now (though many critics think
the band is shit)?
...some of the Deep Purple live records ("In Concert", "Live in
London" and "New, Live and Rare" - the latter is a kind of
"Powerhouse") are now available on a Japanese label called
"Metal Mania"?
...I bought them all, as I am DEEP into Deep Purple?
...I am now only desperately waiting for "Made in Europe" and
(although not that desperately) "Last Concert in Japan"?
...Ian Gillan (singer of Deep Purple, nurd!) has left the band?
...this isn't particularly good news?
...Yngwie Malmsteen launched a LIVE ALBUM ("Trial by Fire - Live
in Leningrad")?
...this was one of my fondest wishes of late? is mega-super-duper-superb?'s a guitar fan classic? made me decide to dedicate the first game I will design to
...there is also a new live video by Malmsteen (bearing the same
title), which features some extra tracks?
...another superb live album was created by Jean Michel Jarre
(simply called "Jarre - Live")? was taped at the legendary London Docklands concert? sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it?
...some other groups you should listen to are "Vendetta" and
...THE disk drive book, "Scheibenkleister", now has its sequel? is called "Scheibenkleister II" and is 300 pages thicker?
...the new software is also available for users of the old book? costs DM 29 (plus P&P), for which people do not only get
the grossly improved software but also a 90 page manual? English version of "Scheibenkleister" is said to be in
preparation (nothing official, though!)?
...this is very good news, as I consider it to be the BEST book
every written on the subject of mass storage media?
...our Northern U.S.A. distributor, David Meile, recently got
married (well...recently?)?
...this historical date was on September 15th?
...the happy girl was called Ann (or was it Anne? Sorry, Dave!)?
...the entire ST NEWS editorial staff wishing him all the luck in
the world (and even more)?
...people who wish to congratulate him can do so by sending him
cards (etc.) at his address mentioned in the "Colofon"
...the people at Thalion have found out how to do HARDWARE
...fooling the MMU and Shifter chips allows you to define the
screen address by ONE BYTE (or even bits) instead of the usual
256 bytes?
...smooth horizontal scrolling is also possible using this method
- full screen?
...this method is probably used in the "Cuddly Demos" of The
Carebears, too?
...Tim's (Lost Boys) reaction was a whole string of curses?
...this method uses only about 8 raster lines processor time?
...this method is called "Sync Scrolling" and will be used in a
forthcoming Thalion game, for example?
...many more English computer magazines now come with disks
attached to them, following the "ST Format" initiative?
..."Atari ST User" and "ST Action" have them since just after the
...this increases the mag's prices by about £1.50?
...the official sale price of "ST Action" is now £2.95, but we
have to pay 16 guilders for it in Holland (that's very well
over £4)?
...buying several magazines thus becomes hardly affordable (I
normally buy German "ST Magazin"; English "Atari ST User", "ST
World", "ST Action" and "ST Format"; Dutch "Atari Nieuws"; I
also buy each month's "Penthouse")?
..."ST Action" offered a very neat game on their September cover
disk, however? was a John Phillips game called "Ammotrack" (reviewed in
this issue's "ST Software News")?
...John demonstrated his new game, "Scavenger", more elaborately
at the "PC Show"? looks to become better and better every day he works on it?
...this game will surely be worth getting?
...Roger Dean, the man responsible for the stunning early artwork
of Psygnosis, didn't do "Terrorpods" for Psygnosis originally?
...the large orange monsters were already used before?
...he had done a series of paintings to illustrate "War of the
...Roger has recently also done the cover for the latest "Yes"
album? would almost make the record worth buying?
...there is also a "Yes" maxi-single, I was led to believe - with
Roger Dean artwork, too?
...this issue again features a hidden article? can try to discover it by entering the "Hidden Article
...those Nutty Norwegians again ripped the last issue's hidden
...they did this (again) by writing their own decoding-and
decompressing routines?
...all stuff on this disk is now compressed using the packer The
Lost Boys gave us when we visited them?
...ST NEWS' own text compression routine is surpassed by it?
...the average size of everything is now 40% smaller?
...this makes sure that lots of information could be stored on
this disk?
...we now also have some "Extravagant English" to add to our
"Nutty Norwegians"?
...they have been writing letters to us for a little while now,
and have also promised to write a 'mega letter'?
...they are Ashley, Brian, Rachel and Mel (the latter two are
...they think ST NEWS is great?
...we LOVE them?
...Mel makes the best stuffed liver in the cosmos according to
her brother Ash?
...she also likes Tia Maria, one of Stefan's favourite drinks?
...they recently sent us a BONG (remember? We asked what a 'bong'
was in the scroller of ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 3)?
...we REALLY appreciate this?
...Jeff Minter is writing a new game for the ST? is called "Atomic Tadpoles versus Savage Mutant Weirdos
from Basingstoke"?
...he choose the town name because he went to school there and
reckoned there was a fair bit of weirdos living in it?
...Jeff went nuts playing the "Lynx" (the new name for the "Atari
Portobale Colour Entertainment System")?
...I went nuts, too?
...there are now about nine games on it, and the word says that
Hewson's "Nebulus" will be converted to it as well?
...I surely hope this machine will succeed? is (excuse my choice of words) f.ckin' brill!!(?) costs less than £100 (or $150, or 400 Dutch guilders)?
...we now know that is in fact supports a 65C02 processor running
at 10 Mhz (though the clock runs at 12 Mhz)?
...the current game cards are all 1 Megabyte?
...Atari is working on some 4 Megabyte ones, and the upper limit
is (hold to your chairs) EIGHT Megabytes?
...EVERYBODY should go and buy it as soon as it's available? will knock any other portable games console (including -
and especially - the Nintendo Gameboy) right off its socks?
...I went to the Commodore stand at the PC Show, in the guise of
Commodore reporter, asking them whether they where planning to
do a similar games console?
...they weren't thinking of it at all?
...I would like to say: Viva Atari!!
...there is also some hardware sprite re-shaping in it?
...there is no screen memory, but only hardware sprites? can use 255 per vbl (enough to fill the screen 3 times)?
...I have actually been able to lay my hands on a Lynx as of
January 15th of this year?
...there were a couple of them available from a local German post
order company (and I paid 1.6 times the above price...)?
...more info can be read elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
...Tynesoft is working on some new games, called "Beverly Hills
Cop", "Elvira - Mistress of Darkness", "Roller Coaster
Rumbler" (ready...and bad) and "First Person Pinball" (2D and
..., as of August 1st 1989, there is a new copyright law in
England? forbids the mere possession of a copy program or an illegal
copy of a legitimate program?
...this is kinda tough, I think? is probably very effective, as it now enables justice to
battle piracy effectively?
...I played around with the Atari STE a bit? is not as good as I expected it to be?
..., basically, it just has another channel of 'DMA Sound', 4096
colours and hardware scrolling?
...all bootsector-starters without a special STE initialisation
routine DO NOT GIVE ANY SOUND on the machine?
...this is not too good? is also sold as half meg machine in several countries?
...this is even worse?
...there is good news, however, to be told for people who are
deep into Larry Laffer's ludicrous wanderings into the world
of love?
...Sierra has scheduled "Larry III" for launch?
...I haven't heard any dates yet?
...I have bought myself a car?'s a silver metallic Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 litre beastie?
...I am very proud of owning it, and I have aquired some gadgets
that assure me CD music in it?
...this might result in me being 'on the road' a lot, just for
the sake of driving and listening to Great Music Creators? antenna has already been broken off once, and my car radio
(fortunatly a cheap one) has also been nicked once already?
...there is some spectacular computers news from Japan?
...I am hereby referring to a machine called "FM Towns"?'s a 32-bit computer from Fujitsu, with the 80386 processor? had a standard CD ROM drive built in? of the available games, a RPG by the name of "Last
Armageddon", even takes up 3 CDs and is 1.5 gigabytes in size?
..."Afterburner" and "New Zealand Story" are some of the titles
already converted for it? has got a standard 1 Mb of memory and can play 16 bit
sampled sound (we're speaking TRUE CD QUALITY here!)?
...I've taken some info from the ACE magazine here?

Microprocessor: 80386 (32 bit)
RAM: Model 1: 1 Mb
Model 2: 2 Mb
VRAM: 512 Kb
Sprite RAM: 128 Kb
Internal drives: Model 1: CD ROM (540 Mb x 1)
FD (1.2 Mb x 1)
Model 2: CD ROM (540 Mb x 1)
FD (1.2 Mb x 2)
Graphic modes: 640 x 480: 256 cols of 16,770,000
640 x 480: 16 cols of 4096
(2 screens)
320 x 240: 32768 colours, 2 screens
640 x 400: 16 cols of 4096
(2 screens)
Sound: PCM Sounds: Stereo 8-channel
FM Sound: Stereo 6-channel
Sampling: 8 bit, 19.2 KHz
CD-ROM works as ordinary CD player
Size: 328 x 150 x 400 mm
Weight: 11 kg
Optional devices: Keyboard
80387 processor
Expansion memory
Video Card
Modem Card
14" display support a WIMP environment (windows and stuff, fully mouse-
oriented), to such an extend that a keyboard is OPTIONAL?
...I think this may be the machine of the future?
...the only wish is that the companies start developing on it?
...I went to the Amiga Messe in Cologne recently (10-12th of
...I was there for my work for Thalion software? was a repulsive experience?
...the machine might not be too bad, but the users all stink and
are extremely arrogant?
...they are literally loathsome?
...I did meet the Bitmap Brother there, however?
...Erik Matthews (who did the design of "Xenon II") and Stephen
Kelly (who actually didn't do much on "Xenon II") were there?
...they are really interesting people, and so I interviewed them
in the hotel bar (they were in the same hotel as Thalion)?
..., together with a guy called Mike Montgomery, they started the
Bitmap Brothers?
...Erik was born in Red Ruth, Cornwall, 17-9-1962, and Stephen in
Manchester, 7-7-1961?
...Erik has done graphics for "Xenon", and co-operated with the
design of "Speedball" and "Xenon II"?
...Stephen did the "Xenon" program on the ST, as well as the
design and programming of "Speedball"?
...he also did "Matchpoint" on the Speccy, a long time ago?
...they both really like Infocom text adventures?
..., when I asked them why they didn't program text adventures,
they replied saying "We can't spell"?
...the Bitmaps are now working on an 3D (no vector graphics)
arcade adventure with the provisional name of "Cadaver"?
..., as they are not satisfied with the name, they will probably
change it later? should be ready somewhere next year?
...Erik doesn't like crappy conversions and the general
unprofessionalism in the software industry?
...he also thinks the industry is immature and hates mediocre
graphics and design?
...Steve doesn't like the fact that the industry is dominated by
males (neither do I!!)?
...this meeting with the Bitmaps made the show worth while after
... unfortunately the graphics artists was not there (Mark
...he was still working somewhere in Wales (address and phone
number strictly kept secret)?
...Double Click Software is launching a utility called "DC
Desktop" soon?
...this will speed up many GEM desktop operations? if its modules, "DC Showit", is present in the "PROGRAMS"
folder as a nice extra PD program? is very good?
...the next Ian Oliver game, in ST NEWS Volume 4 Issue 4
provisionally dubbed "Tank Command", will be called "Battle
...the game will not be published by Rainbird (i.e. Microprose),
but by Ocean?
...the 'ravishing redhead' we met at the Finsbury Business Centre
(read the article of "Barrington Harvey" in ST NEWS Volume 4
Issue 4) is now a Page 3 girl in "The Sun"?
...Nadia Singh, who now works for Accolade and who I also met at
the Amiga Messe, told me this?
...Stefan and myself are now desperately waiting until a certain
"Sun" issue will be published?
...Stefan's sister Melanie, who works and lives in England, will
probably get them for us? it is hereby proven that Stefan and yours truly have an
exceptionally excellent taste of women (have you read the 4.4
hidden article already)?
..., speaking of Accolade, the beginning of the next year should
see the launch of "Test Drive II" on the ST?
...this program isn't much different from "Test Drive", except
that the graphics are maybe a bit smoother and that there is a
possibility for data disks?
..., so far, "The Supercars" and "California Challenge" are
scheduled, each at £11.99, in January?
...another title for launch soon is "Day of the Viper", as well
as a flightsimulator called "Blue Angels"? can be obtained at Accolade Europe Ltd., The Lombard
Business Centre, Unit 14, 50 Lombard Road, London SW11 3SU,
England, telephone 01-585-3308?
...Steve Bak's "3D Marine" is now ready and sold to Logotron?
...the name has been changed to "Bad Company"?
...the game features a character called "Chronos Warchild"?
...Steve never told me that, though I can't say I am not pleased
with it?
...Logotron is now no longer just a part of Logotron Ltd., but an
independent company by the name of Logotron Entertainment?
...Logotron is also planning on launching another interesting
solid 3D game, called "Star Blaze"?
...the screenshots are remarkable?
...some other working titles of Logotron include "Defender of the
Ground" (3D arcade game, early 1990), "Cloud Kingdoms"
(platform game with cute character like "Bubble Bobble", early
1990), and "Resolution 101" (3D vector graphics game, spring
...the compiler for GfA Basic 3.0 is now ready?
..."RC Aerochopper", the program (with hardware) that allows you
to fly an aircraft on the screen using a true remote control,
is now also for sale in Europe?
...write for info to "R.C. Simulations", Unit 7, Beehive Trading
Estate, Crews Hole Road, St. George, Bristol BS5 8AY, England?
...they can also be called at 0272-550900?
...there is also a special version of "Falcon" (yes, the one from
Mirrorsoft) available for use with this true RC?
...the "Multiface" cartridge from Romantic Robot (UK) is now for
sale again?
...all the adds now specifically mention that it is NO copying
device and that they do NOT condone piracy?
..., before Christmas, Ocean should be launched "Ivanhoe" and
"The Untouchables"?
...I have got some screenshots of this game that seem to promise
good games?
...let's hope they will be TRULY good?
...Ocean's International Export Manager, Kim Naylor, always puts
little crosses (kisses) on her press sheets?
...this is, I think, excellent Public Relations?
..."Toobin", one of the latest Domark coinop conversions, was
originally designed to be a canoo simulator in the arcades?
...Stefan and myself have gone to Norway on our 'Winter Holiday'?
...we made a full-fledged bunch of real-time articles there?
...these are all features elsewhere in this issue of ST NEWS?
..."Lode Runner" is said to be converted to the ST?
...this is some pretty hot news?
...Brøderbund is planning to do some more conversions of their
older games, though primarily on the Amiga and only
secondarily on the ST?
...these older games include "Spelunker", "Raid on Bungeling Bay"
and "Whistler's Brothers"?
...I just hope this rumours is actually TRUE?
...there has been loads of problems with "Rainbow Islands", the
sequel to "Bubble Bobble"? has something to do with contracts, deadlines, code
copyrights and something more? is not yet sure if the game will be launched at all?
...this is a shame?
...some reviewers already have a copy of the game ("ACE" and
...I am very jealous now?
...some latest news says that Ocean has gained the rights and
will be releasing the game soon?
...Martin Backschat, author of the very versatile freeware copy
program "FCopy", recently released a version 3.0?
...this was done on January 13th of this year?
...the program includes an ordinary .PRG file as well as an
accessory version?
...hard disk backup is built in? is quite a lot better?
...the 'multiple copy' is now also a switch instead of a number?
...that is a very good idea?
...David Braben, who did "Virus" (the game), has now done a tank
simulator called "Conqueror" with the same perspective?
...this game will be published by Rainbow Arts?
...this issue of ST NEWS lacks a review of one of the major 1989
...this is "Xenon II"?
...this has two reasons?
...the first one is that EVERYBODY has done an extensive review
of it already, and they all hyped the game up?
...the second one is that we ran out of time, since we really
didn't want to wait another bloody month with the release of
this issue? should read Jeff Minter's comment on "Xenon II" in his
Yak's Yak column, in "ST Action" (Issue 21, January 1990)?
...this is about the end of all the titbits I wanted you to know
for this issue of ST NEWS?
...I will therefore bid thee farewell...until the next issue?


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