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POP POLL RESULTS by Richard Karsmakers

Do you remember?  In the first 'new-look' issue of ST NEWS,  that
was  launched  on Januari 2nd 1987,  I issued a  popularity  poll
contest.  I have had to work through 265 reactions from all  over
the world that dropped in.  And....there's a winner as well!  Mr.
Jørgen Borgström from Norrköping,  Sweden,  has won the new games
"Airball" and "Goldrunner" from Microdeal.  He will now  probably
have  received them already.  I wish him lots of fun with  it  (I
just hope he has a color monitor!).

On the following pages, you will be able to read the results from
the popularity poll. Most results are converted to a Top x.

Question 1:

Who do you think is the best graphic artist currently working  on
the ST?

 1         Tom Hudson
 2         Coccoctet
 3         Steve Bak

Question 2:

Who  do you think is the best music programmer currently  working
on the ST?

 1         Rob Hubbard
 2         David Whittaker
 3         'Mad Max'
 4         Holger Gehrmann
 5         Ed Bogas

Question 3:

Who do you think is the best overall programmer currently working
on the ST?

 1         Frank Ostrowski                        (GfA Basic)
 2         Peter Johnston                         (Arkanoid)
 3         Tom Hudson                             (Degas Elite)

Question 4:

Please  name the three best game programs you have ever  seen  on
the ST.

 1         Flightsimulator II                     Sublogic
 2         Goldrunner                             Microdeal
 3         The Pawn                               Rainbird
 4         Arkanoid                               Ocean/Imagine
 5         Starglider                             Rainbird
 6         Time Bandits                           Microdeal
 7         Plutos                                 Micro Value

 8         International Karate                   System 3
 9         Sundog                                 FTL
10         Winter Games                           Epyx

Question 5:

Please name the best disk utility program currently available for
the ST.

 1         Michtron Disk Utilities                Microdeal
 2         Hippo Disk Utilities                   Hippopotamus
 3         Disk Doctor                            Antic

Question 6:

Please  name the best drawing program currently available on  the

 1         Degas Elite                            Batteries Incl.
 2         Art Director                           Andromeda
 3         Neochrome                              Atari
 Honourable mentioning: The Artist+
Question 7:

Please name the best music program currently available on the ST.

 1         Music Studio                           Activision
 2         Musix32                                Tommy Software
 3         G.I. Sound Tool                        ??

Question 8:

Please  name the best word processor,  the best database and  the
best spreadsheet program currently available for the ST.

Best Database: DB Man
Best Wordprocessor: First Word Plus
 Honourable mentioning: Signum
Best Spreadsheet: VIP Professional

Question 9:

Who do you think is the best known man in the world of the ST?

 1         Jack Tramiel
 2         Wilfred Kilwinger
 3         Wilfried de Graaf
 4         Frank Ostrowski

Question 10:

Name the three best softwarehouses that currently work on the ST.

 1         Microdeal
 2         Rainbird
 3         GfA Systemtechnik
 4         Metacomco

Question 11:

In which language do you program? You can select (or make several
selections) from:  GfA Basic,  ST  Basic,  C,  Modula-2,  MC68000
assembler, LOGO, Lisp, Cobol, Forth, other:.........

 1         GfA Basic                              56%
 2         C                                      23%
 3         Modula-2                               21%
 4         Machine language                       13%
 5         Pascal                                  9%
 6         ST Basic                                8%
 7         Forth                                   6%
 8         LOGO                                    2%
 9         Cobol (not on the ST, however)          1%
10         APL                                     1%

Question 12:

Please name the best program you use for programming (e.g.  a  C-
compiler  of  you program in C,  an assembler if you  program  in
Machine Language, etc.)

Best Basic: GfA Basic
Best C compiler: Megamax C
Best Modula-2 compiler: TDI Modula-2

Question 13:

What do you think of ST NEWS?  You can select from:  The Ultimate
rubbish,  could be much better,  it'll do,  very nice,  extremely
good idea, something I couldn't do without, other:........

The Ultimate rubbish                               0%
Could be much better                               7%
It'll do                                          12%
Very nice                                         20%
Extremely good idea                               52%
Something I couldn't do without                    9%
Question 14:

Which of our Synth Samples do you think is best (I-IV)?

 1         Synth Sample III
 2         Synth Sample IV (mostly chosen by monochrome owners)
 3         Synth Sample II
 4         Synth Sample I

Question 15:

Did  you have another computer before you bought the ST?  If yes:
Which one?

 1         Commodore 64/128                       30%
 2         Atari 600/800 XL                       27%
 3         BBC-B                                  15%
 4         Spectrum                                7%
 5         Commodore Amiga                         2%
 6         TI99/4A                                 1%
 7         Other                                   1%
Of all people that sent in, 17% (45 people) had had no computer.
Question 16:

What  do you spend most time on on the ST?  You can select  from:
Playing games,  programming,  word processing,  business use,  or

 1         Programming                            64%
 2         Business use                           54%
 3         Playing Games                          53%
 4         Drawing                                14%
 5         Making music                            4%

Question 17:

How  many  hours per week can you be found  sitting  behind  your

  0 - 10               47%                       125 people
 10 - 20               12%                        32 people
 20 - 30                7%                        19 people
 40 - 50                1%                         2 people
 50 - 60               12%                        32 people
 60 - 70               18%                        47 people
 80 ->                  3%                         8 people

Note:  Most people specified that they use their computer more in
the holidays - an average of 43% more...

Question 18:

Which  three  articles  would you like to  see  appearing  in  an
upcoming issue of ST NEWS?

 1         A C-problems column
 2         Adventure column
 3         Floppy course
 4         More programs

Note:  Many people also thought the music should re-appear in  ST
, just like Volume 2 Issue 1. Who knows?

In the upcoming issues of ST NEWS,  I will try to publish a games
top 10 every time. This will be based on software sales, reader's
reactions  and  personal  impressions.  So If you  think  a  game
deserves a place in the top 10, do not hesitate to write and tell
me so!

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.