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Except  for the GfA Basic questions,  only one question  came  in 
this month.  Obviously,  most of you out there fail to grasp  the 
full  meaning of a magazine that offers a service like this  -  a 
magazine that is read by so many people that there should  simply 
be  more answers and more questions!  Just send them in  (on  the 
devil!), or I will be forced to cast off this column...

A Panasonic KX-P1092 printer connected to my ST used to work just 
fine.  But  I wonder what all that garbage is doing on the  paper 
when  I try to print out something with a KX-P1083.  As far as  I 
know,  these  two printers are very similar.  Even with an  ASCII 
printer driver,  it won't work correctly.  Why does this  printer 
bluntly refuse to print what I want it to print? Or should I have 
my computer repaired? I hope that someone can help me!
                                   Caspar Derksen
                                   Weezenhof 64-31
                                   6536 AV  Nijmegen
                                   The Netherlands

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.