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Hey. You wanna hear some new shit?
                                       James Hetfield - Metallica

                         VERSION UPDATE

 A  new  regular column here:  A summary of all  current  version
numbers  of  specific  utility  programs,  as  available  to  the
knowledge  of  the ST NEWS editorial staff at the  time  of  this
issue being released.
 It  has  to be noted that the following list  is  compiled  with
knowledge  owned by the aforementioned staff,  and may  therefore
indeed  not  be  very up-to-date as our scope  of  view  is  only
limited.  We  have  not  based this  list  on  any  rumours,  and
therefore the version number listed is that of the latest version
actually SEEN by us.
 Versions  rumoured  to  exist  will,   if  any,   be   mentioned
additionally between round brackets ('-' means 'specific  version
number  not  known,   however'  -  we  would  surely   appreciate
information concerning these in that case).
 A version number between square brackets signifies a version  in
development, if known.
 But let's cut the bullshit.

 TITLE                           PRG/ACC          VERSION
 1ST MAIL                        P                3.06
 1ST WORD PLUS                   P                3.20TT
 1ST XTRA                        P                1.03
 ACOPY                           P                1.3A
 AT SPEED SYSTEM DISK            P/A              2.24
 AUTOMATION COMPACTOR            P                2.51R
 CALAMUS                         P                1.09
 CBHD (CLAUS BROD HD DRIVER)     P                3.5
 CBHD INSTALL                    A                2.3
 CHAMELEON                       A                1.19 [2.00]
 CHEETAH                         P                3.00
 CREATOR                         P                1.1
 CUBASE                          P                2.01
 DBMAN                           P                5.10
 DEGAS ELITE                     P                1.1
 DICMERGE (1ST WORD PLUS TOOL)   P                2.10
 FAST FILEMOVER                  P/A              1.41
 FCOPY                           P/A              III - 5.2.1990
 FCOPY PRO                       P/A              1.0
 FIRE PACK                       P                2.01 (-)
 FORM DO IT!                     P                1.0a
 GFA ASSEMBLER                   P                1.5
 GFA BASIC                       P                3.5
 GFA BASIC COMPILER              P                3.50
 GFA BASIC LINKER                P                3.02
 GEN ST (DEVPAC)                 P                2.23
 HANDY                           A                1.3
 KAOSDESK                        P                1.4.1
 KLEISTERSCHEIBE                 -                2.32
 LUFTSCHLO├č                      P                2.3
 MEGA PAINT II                   P                3.01
 MEGA PAINT II PROFESSIONAL      P                4.0
 MON ST (DEVPAC)                 P                2.10+
 MOUSE ACCELERATOR III           P                3.3
 MULTIDESK                       P/A              2.0
 MUSIX32                         P                1.01
 NEOCHROME                       P                1.0
 NEOCHROME MASTER                P                2.25 (-)
 NEODESK                         P                3.02 [-]
 NEWBELL                         P                1.1
 NVDI                            P                1.1
 OMIKRON BASIC COMPILER          P                3.06
 OMIKRON BASIC INTERPRETER       P                3.03
 PACK ICE                        P                2.34 [3.00]
 PFX PROGRAM PACKER              P                1.1+
 PINHED                          P                1.8
 QUICK INDEX                     P                1.8
 QUICK ST                        P                2.21
 REVOLVER                        A                1.1
 SAGROTAN                        P                4.17 (-)
 SNAPSHOT (GST)                  A                1.04
 SOUNDMACHINE II                 P                1.0
 SPECTRE 128                     P                1.9
 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL          P                3.02
 SUPERBOOT                       P                7.0
 SYSMON                          P                1.0.6 [1.1.0]
 TEMPLEMON                       P                1.20
 TEMPUS EDITOR                   P                2.10
 TEMPUS WORD                     P                1.0
 TURBO ASSEMBLER                 P                1.7.2
 TURBO C                         P                2.03
 TURBO ST                        P/A              1.82 (-)
 ULTIMATE VIRUS KILLER           P                5.1 [5.2]
 UNIVERSAL ITEM SELECTOR III     P                3.3
 VIRENTOD                        P                1.8
 VIRUS FIXER                     P                1.04
 VKILL (MUG UK'S S.V.K.)         P                1.0
 VKILLER                         P                3.81
 X-UTILITIES                     A                2.11E

 Note  concerning  "FCopy":  There  are at  least  two  different
versions of "III - 5.2.1990"! One is about 25 Kb in length, and a
newer version is about 35 Kb in lenght,  which also works on  the

 If you know of any higher versions than the ones mentioned here,
please  do  not hesitate to write to us.  If it  concerns  Public
Domain  software,  please  take  the  liberty  to  send  us  that
particular  latest version if you feel like it!  The  address  to
send the information/disks to is:

 ST NEWS version update
 Richard Karsmakers
 Looplantsoen 50
 NL-3523 GV  Utrecht
 The Netherlands

 Thank you ever so much.

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.