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 "Don't hate yourself in the morning - sleep till noon."

                      REMARKS BY THE EDITOR
                      by, well, the editor!

 This column is probably the insanest there is to be found in  ST
.  I  don't  mean this article,  you silly,  but  the  entire
column,  or  cascadeing submenu or whetever you may want to  call
it, that you find this in.
 All of these articles have a few things in common. For starters,
most  logically and apparently,  they're all written by the  same
individual.  This  particular individual is Lars  Johansson  (and
known under various other self-inflicted nicknames and the  like)
and he's a person that has obviously been living too close to the
magnetic  north pole for too long.  His brain has been  seriously
affected,  resulting  in a sense of humour that is probably  very
intense  but that just seems to be too intense for  me.  I  don't
understand half of what he writes,  but I am too afraid to  scrap
any  of  the  stuff  he submits for  fear  of  simply  being  too
bewilderedly  simplistic myself and him and all you  readers  out
there being out of my league altogether.  I loathe censorship and
I  think people should be able to read more than just  my  humour
and  things  that like.  Verandering van spijs  doet  eten,  is
something we say in these here Flatlands occasionally,  and  it's
applicable here, I think.
 Second,  of  course,  all these stories are completely  out  the
other side.  Crazy as a doornail,  or a doorknob for that matter.
Maybe  even  the  door  itself.   Crazy,  crazy,  so  crazy  it's
threatening to attain normality again some day.  Just like a girl
once  said  the Rolling Stones are all so ugly  they're  actually
quite handsome.
 Lars is - I suppose - a really nice dude,  and basically I  just
wanted  to  include this little article (well,  more  of  a  note
really)  to  tell you that I think you should be drunk  when  you
read Lars's stuff.  Stupefyingly so.  For if you aren't you might
be - or want to be - right afterwards.
 The  other articles in this submenu should be opened  by  people
with a staggeringly flexichronic sense of humour.

 Don't complain that I didn't warn you!

 (And  in  between  all  this  craziness  you  may  find  a   few
intellectual  gems that should provide you some food for  thought
as well) 

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.