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 "Why go to school when you can eat your lunch at home?"

                      by Richard Karsmakers
             (after an idea by Cottonwood Computers)

 For  those  of you still waiting to purchase a  Falcon,  I  have
compiled a list of some stuff that I have tested on it. This list
is  based  on some original research and the idea  of  Cottonwood
Computers,  which  is a USA Atari retailer.  I have used  only  a
small  part of their list,  which originally contained a  lot  of
programs I guess nobody has ever heard of.
 Please realize that some of the programs featured here have been
used  extensively whereas  some  others,  obviously,  haven't.  I
can't  take  any  responsibility for the  accuracy  of  the  data
featured here. Of course, you should also take into consideration
that  what  is  tested for  here  is  Falcon  compatibility,  not
MultiTOS compatibility!
 I would like to send thanks to some of the people whose research
I have also used:  Piper,  Kai Holst, Gregg, Sean Dourgherty, Cut
Flügel,  David  Fairweather,  Silicon  Magic,  Bob  DeWitt,  John
Stansford, Paul Glover and John Eidsvoog.

Program                      Response                            


Avant Vector                 Runs
Calligrapher                 Runs
Canvas                       Runs
Chronos                      Nope
Crack Art                    Runs, but no block rotate possible
Cyber Color                  Runs
Cyber Paint 2.0              Bombs
Cyber Sculpt                 Runs, but in ST high res only
Degas Elite                  Runs
Deluxe Paint ST 1.00         Runs
DT Paint                     Nope
Easy Draw 2.3                Nope
Easy Draw 3.0                Runs
Flairpaint                   Won't load
HyperDraw                    Runs
MegaPaint                    Runs
MegaPaint Pro 4              Runs
Neochrome 1.0                Runs
Paintworks                   Runs
Phoenix 3D Object Renderer   Runs in 80 columns or higher
Photo Show                   Runs
Prism Paint                  Runs in all palletted resolutions
Quantum Paint                Crashes
Spectrum 512                 Attempts to load, then crashes
Tinyview                     Runs
True Paint                   Runs


Atari Works                  Runs (all modes, even MTOS)
Calamus SL                   Runs
Timeworks DTP                Loads, freezes when mouse is moved
First Word 1.03              Runs
First Word Plus              Runs, but grabs up all memory
Fleet Street Publisher 1.1   Runs
GfA Draft                    Runs
Microsoft Write              Runs
Pagestream 2.2               Runs
PrintMaster Plus             Runs in ST medium
Protext                      Runs
Publishing Partner           Runs
Signum!                      Nope
ST Writer                    Runs
ST Writer Elite 2.3          Runs
Tempus 2.0                   Runs
That's Write 2.03            Runs, but crashes when printing
That's Write 2.09            Runs
Word Perfect 4-18-91         Runs, with not with Maccel 3.4!
Word Writer ST 2.2           Runs


1943                         Runs
3D Pool                      Runs, but needs 50 Hz
Action ST                    Nope
Afterburner                  Nope
Airball                      Nope
Aliants                      Runs
Alien Fires                  Nope
Alien Syndrome               Runs
Alternate Reality, The City  Runs
Ancients Art of War i/t SkiesRuns
Annals of Rome               Runs
Aquanaut                     Nope
Archer MacLean Pool          Runs with Fboot
Archipelagos                 Nope
Arctic Fox                   Nope
Arkanoid                     Nope
Arkanoid II                  Runs with Backward
Artificial Dreams            Runs
Auto Duel                    Nope
AV8V Harrier Attach          Runs in ST low res mode
Backlash                     Nope (at least the preview doesn't)
Baker Street Detective       Nope
Balance of Power             Runs
Barbarian (Psygnosis)        Nope
Barbarian (Palace)           Runs with Backward
Bard's Tale                  Runs
Batman                       Nope
Battle Chess                 Runs
Battle for the Throne        Runs
Battle Hawks 1942            Nope
BattleTech                   Runs
Battle Zone                  Runs (probably all old Atari stuff)
Better Dead than Alien       Runs
Billiards II                 Nope
Bio Challenge                Nope
Bionic Commando              Nope
Black Lamp                   Nope
Blastaball                   Nope
Blood Money                  Nope
Bloodwych                    Nope
Bloody Blade                 Nope
Boing                        Nope
Borodino                     Runs, but very fast
Boulderdash                  Runs
Breach                       Conflicting reports on this one
Breach 2                     Nope
Breaknoid                    Runs
Buggy Boy                    Runs with Fboot
Captain Blood                Nope
Captive                      Nope
Carrier Command              Runs with Backward
Challenge Golf               Nope
Championship Wrestling       Nope
Chaos Strikes Back           Runs with Backword, possiby without
Chariots of Fire             Nope
Chessmaster 2000             Nope
Chopper X                    Runs
Chronos                      Nope
Chuckie Egg                  Runs
Circus Attractions           Nope
Civilization                 Runs (though colours are messed up)
Cloud Kingdoms               Runs with Fboot
Colonial Conquest            Runs
Colorado                     Nope
Corporation                  Nope
Corruption                   Runs
Cosmic Pirate                Nope
Curse of the Azure Bonds     Runs in ST low
Crackdown                    Runs with Fboot
Crack'Ed                     Nope
Crafton & Xunk               Nope
Crash Garrett                Runs
Crystal Castles              Runs
Cyber                        Nope
Cyberdrome                   Runs
Cybernoid                    Runs
Cybernoid Ii                 Nope
Dark Castle                  Yes
Dark Century                 Nope
Deathbringer                 Yes
Death Sword                  Nope
Debut                        Nope
Deep Space                   No
Defender of the Crown        Nope
Deflektor                    Nope
Deja Vu                      Nope
Deja Vu II                   Runs
Delta Patrol                 Nope
Demolition Man               Yes
Demon's Winter               Runs
Desolator                    Nope
Diablo                       Runs
Disciples of Steel           Yes, with backward
Double Dragon                Nope
Drachen PD "Shanghai" clone  Runs
Dragon Breed                 Runs
Dragon's Breath              Runs
Dragons of Flame             Nope
Drakkhen                     Nope
Dr. Zock                     Runs, but too fast
Dungeon Adventure 5.2        Runs
Dungeon Master               Runs
Eco                          Runs
Eliminator                   Nope
Elite                        Runs
E-Motion                     Nope
Empire 2.0                   Runs in ST medium and high
Empire Strikes Back          Nope
Enigma                       Nope
Epic                         Nope
Exolon                       Runs
Extensor                     Runs, but colours are screwed
F-15 Strike Eagle            Nope
F-19                         Runs with Backward
F-29 Retaliator              Nope
Falcon                       Nope
Falcon Mission 1-3           Nope
Federation of Free Traders   Nope
Fighter Bomber               Nope
Fire Brigade                 Runs, and fast too
Fish!                        Runs
Flight Simulator             Runs
Formula One Grand Prix       Runs with Fboot
Foundations Waste            Runs
Fuzzball                     Nope
Galdregon's Domain           Nope
Gauntlet II                  Runs, but needs Backward or Fboot
Ghost & Goblins              Runs with Fboot
Gnome                        Nope
Gnome Ranger                 Nope
Gobliiins                    Nope
Go-Board 3.0                 Runs
Gods                         Nope, or maybe with Fboot
Gold of the Americas         Nope
Goldrunner                   Runs
Goldrunner II                Nope
Go-Up                        Runs
Grand Prix 500cc             Nope
Gravity                      Nope
Great Battles                Runs
Great Giana Sisters          Nope
Gridiron                     Nope
Gunship                      Nope
Hardball                     Nope
Hawkeye                      Runs with Fboot
Hero                         Nope
Heroes of the Lance          Runs
High Roller                  Nope
Hole in One                  Runs (though screen is shifted)
Hole in One Miniature Golf   Runs with Backward
Hollywood Hijinx             Runs (probably all Infocom advntrs)
Home Casino                  Runs
Hostage                      Nope
Hot Shot                     Nope
Hoyle's Book of Games I      Runs, but very fast
Hunter                       Runs with Fboot
Imperium                     Runs with Backward
Impossible Mission           Nope
Impossible Mission Ii        Nope
Indiana Jones and the Last C.Nope
Infestation                  Nope
International Karate +       Nope
Interphase                   Nope
Ishar                        Runs
Jeopardy                     Runs
Jeopardy 3                   Runs
Jet                          Runs
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Sn.  Runs
Jinxter                      Runs
Joan of Arc                  Runs
Joe Blade                    Runs
John Lowe's Ultimate Darts   Nope
Journey to the Center o.t.E. Runs, but fast
Kamikaze Chess               Runs
Kick Off 2                   Runs with fboot, but too fast
Kid Kong                     Runs with backward
King's Quest II              Runs
Klatrix                      Nope
Knightmare                   Runs with backward
Knights of the Sky           Runs, might need fboot, very fast
Kong                         Runs with backward
Lands of Havoc               Nope
Leather Goddesses of Phobos  Runs
Leatherneck                  Nope
Legend of Faerghail          Runs in ST low
Legend of the Sword          Runs
Leisure Suit Larry III       Runs (probably most Sierra advntrs)
Lemmings (Demo)              Runs
Lemmings                     Nope
Life and Death               Runs
Line Attack                  Runs
Lure of the Temptress        Nope
M1 Tank Platoon              Nope
Mad Dog Williams             Runs
Mean 18                      Nope
Megalomania                  Nope
Menace                       Nope
Metrocross                   Runs, but some gfx screwed
Midi Maze                    Runs in ST low
Midi Maze II                 Bombs, might run with Backward
Midwinter                    Runs with "Backward"
Midwinter II                 Nope
Mig 29 Super Fulcrum         Runs with Fboot
Millenium 2.2                Nope
Missile                      Nope
Missile Command              Runs
Mission Genocide             Runs, but too fast
Moon Patrol                  Runs
Moonshine Racers             Runs
Motorhead                    Nope
Myth                         Runs
Nebulus                      Nope
Nigel Mansell's World Champ. Runs with fboot
Ninja Mission                Runs with backward
Nitro                        Runs with backward or fboot
No Second Prize              Runs with fboot
Northstar                    Runs
Obliterator                  Nope
Ogre                         Nope
Oids                         Runs with backward
Oil Imperium                 Runs
Onslaught                    Nope
Oo-Topos                     Runs
Orion's Run                  Runs, but too fast
Overlord                     Runs
P47                          Runs with fboot
Pacmania                     Runs with fboot or backward
Paladin                      Runs in ST low
Paperboy                     Nope
Parasol Stars                Runs with fboot
Phantasie III                Runs
Pirates!                     Nope
Plutos                       Runs
Populous                     Nope
Populous 2                   Nope, might run with backward
Powermonger                  Nope
Psion Chess                  Runs
Purple Saturn Day            Nope
Puzzle Pack                  Runs
Quartz                       Runs with fboot
Quest for the Timebird       Nope
Quizical                     Runs
Railroad Tycoon              Runs, but may crash after 20 minutes
Rainbow Islands              Nope
Rampage                      Runs
Ranarama                     Nope
Reach for the Skies          Nope
Real Ghostbusters            Runs
Resolution 101               Runs
Revenge of the Mutant Camels Runs with backward
Rick Dangerous               Nope
Risk                         Runs, but fast
Risky PD "Risk" clone        Runs, but may be considered too fast
Robotron 2084                Runs
Robozone                     Runs with fboot
Rocket Ranger                I get clashing reports on this one
Rock'n'Roll                  Nope
Rogue                        Runs, but fast
Rogue II                     Runs, but fast
R-Type                       Runs with fboot
Sapiens                      Nope
Scrabble Deluxe              Runs, but fast
Shadowgate                   Nope
Shadowlands                  Nope
Shadowlord                   Runs
Shanghai                     Runs
Sherman M-4                  Nope
Ship Combat                  Runs
Shuffleboard                 Runs
Shufflepuck Café             Nope
Sim City                     Clashing reports on this one. ST low
Skulldiggery                 Nope
Skweek                       Nope
Skyfox                       Nope
Sleeping Gods Lie            Nope
Solomon's Key                Nope
Space Ace                    Nope
Space Crusade                Nope
Space Quest                  Yes
Space Racer                  Nope
Spacewar 2400                Runs in medium res, crash when exit
Special Forces               Nope
Speedball                    Runs
Speedball II                 Runs with fboot
Speed Buggy                  Nope
Spellbound                   Nope
Spellbreaker                 Runs
Spider Man (Scott Adams)     Runs
Star Fleet                   Runs
Starflight                   Nope, may run with backward
Starglider                   Nope
Starglider II                Runs with fboot
Starnukers                   Runs in ST medium
Starquake                    Runs
Star Raiders                 Runs
Steel Empire                 Runs
Stellar Crusade              Runs in ST low
STetris PD "Tetris" clone    Refuses to run in any resolution
Stone Age                    Runs
ST Pool                      Nope
Stratego                     Runs in 50 Hz
Street Fighter               Nope
Strip Poker                  Runs
Strip Poker II               Nope
Sundog                       Nope
Super Cycle                  Nope
Switchblade                  Nope
Tanglewood                   Nope
Tass Times in Tone Town      Runs
Team Yankee                  Runs
The Black Cauldron           Runs
Their Finest Hour - B. of B. Runs, bombs on exit
The Kristal                  Runs
The Pawn                     Runs (probably all Magnetic Scrolls)
The Secret of Monkey Island  Runs
Time                         Runs
Time and Magic               Nope
Time Bandits                 Runs
Total Eclipse                Runs
Trail Blazer II              Runs
Transarctica                 Runs
TV Sports Football           Runs
Typhoon Thompson             Nope
Ultimta II                   Nope
U.N. Squadron                Runs with fboot
UMS                          Runs, but very fast
UMS II                       Runs (but no colours)
Uninvited                    Runs
Universe 2                   Nope
Universe 3                   Runs
Uridium                      Nope
Vindicators                  Nope
Virtual Worlds               Nope
Virus (the game)             Runs with fboot
Vixen                        Runs
Wargame Construction Set     Runs
Warhawk                      Runs
War in Middle Earth          Runs
Warlock                      Nope
Wings                        Nope
Winnie The Pooh              Runs
Wishbringer                  Runs
Wizball                      Nope
Wonderland                   Runs (probably all Magn.Scr. stuff)
World Snooker                Nope
Xenon                        Runs with backward
Xevious                      Runs but has mixed colours
Xybots                       Runs with backward
Zany Golf                    Runs but bombs on exit to score card


Alchemy Jr.                  Runs
Band in a Box                Runs (needs 80 colomns, 2 colours)
Cubase Lite                  Loads, bombs on mouse movement
Cubase 3.02                  Runs
Dr. T's Tunesmith            Bombs
Keyboard Controlled Seq. 4.0 Runs
Keyboard Contr.Seq.4.0 lvl IIRuns
MIDI Max                     Works
MIDI Spy                     Works
Music Studio                 Runs
Music Studio '88             Runs
Stereo Replay                Nope


FTL Modula-2                 Runs
GfA Basic 2.xx               Runs
GfA Basic 3.5                Runs
GfA Basic 3.0 run-only       Runs
HiSoft Basic 2               Runs
HiSoft C                     Runs in all modes
HiSpeed Pascal               Runs
Lattice C 5.52               Runs in all modes
STOS                         Freezes when attempting to load
LDW Power                    Runs


DataManager ST               Yes
K-Spread 3                   Runs
STOS 3D                      Nope
STOS Basic 2.4               Nope
Superbase Professional       Runs
VIP                          Locks after loading
VIP Professional GEM         Loads, but no mouse cursor available


AnsiTerm                     Runs (in ST medium res)
D-Term                       Yes, but has redraw problems
Flash 1.6                    Nope
Flash >1.6?                  Runs
Interlink 1.7                Runs
STalker                      Conflicting reports
ST Aladdin                   Nope
Tiny Term                    Runs
CanTerm 3.8                  Runs, but bombs occasionally


Acopy 1.3                    Nope
Antidote                     Runs
Arcshell 3.1                 Runs (all modes except true colour)
CodeKeys 1.3                 Runs (crash when macro in true col.)
Crossword Creator II         Runs
Cryptographer                Runs
DC Format 3.02               Runs
DC Shower 1.0                Nope
DeskManager                  Nope (other sources claim it runs)
Diamond Back                 Runs (both II and III)
Disc Doctor                  Runs
G+Plus 1.5                   Runs
Harlekin 2                   Runs
HotWire 3.0                  Runs
Interface 2.21               Runs in all resolutions
Kaosdesk                     Nope
Knife ST                     Runs
Kobold 2                     Runs, but bombs when you format
Little Green Selector        Conflicting reports on this.
                              At least 1.8c seems to work
LZH                          Runs
Maccel III                   Runs (in compatibility modes)
Maxifile                     Loads, but bombs appear at exit
Memfile 3.0                  Runs
Mouseboot                    Runs
Multidesk                    Runs
NeoDesk 3.03                 Runs, but can't delete folders
NVDI 2.5                     Runs
PC Ditto 3.0                 Nope
PopIt                        Runs
Procopy 1.7                  Conflicting information
Puzzle Pack                  Runs
Quick Index II               Runs
Quick ST III                 Nope
R.A.I.D.                     Runs
Redacteur                    Nope
Spectre 128                  Crashes
ST DCat 5                    Runs
ST Tools                     Runs
ST Virus Killer 3.11         Runs
ST Zip                       Runs, but has redraw problems
Superboot 8                  Runs
SysInfo                      Runs
TLC Formatter 3.02           Runs
Universal Item Selector III  Bombs during loading
Ultimate Virus Killer 6.0    Runs
Warp 9 3.75                  Nope
Warp 9 3.8                   Runs
Word Search Creator          Runs
XBoot                        Runs

 And  that,  as they say,  is all folx.  There will  probably  be
another instalment (i.e.  an updated and extended version of this
column) in the next issue of ST NEWS,  and possibly the one after
that too. 

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.