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 A  photographer from a well know national magazine was  assigned
to  cover the fires at Yellowstone National  Park.  The  magazine
wanted  to show some of the heroic work of the fire  fighters  as
they battled the blaze.
 When the photographer arrived, he realized that the smoke was so
thick  that it would seriously impede or make it  impossible  for
him  to  photograph  anything from  ground  level.  He  requested
permission  to rent a plane and take photos from  the  air.   His
request was approved, and arrangements were made.  He was told to
report  to  a nearby airport where a plane would be  waiting  for
him.   He arrived at the airport and saw a plane warming up  near
the gate.   He jumped in with his bag and shouted,  "Let's  go!''
The  pilot  swung  the little plane into  the  wind,  and  within
minutes they were in the air.  The photographer said,  "Fly  over
the  park  and make two or three low passes so I  can  take  some
 "Why?"  asked  the pilot.   "Because I am  a  photographer,"  he
responded, "and photographers make photographs."
 The pilot was silent for a moment;  finally he  stammered,  "You
mean you're not the flight instructor?"

                         VERSION UPDATE
                      by Richard Karsmakers

 The  sixth occurrence of this regular column here (and a  rather
very  much updated and enhanced one at that):  A summary  of  all
current version numbers of specific utility programs and such, as
available  to  my  knowledge  at the time  of  this  issue  being
 It  has  to be noted that the following list  is  compiled  with
reliance almost solely on my knowledge,  and may therefore indeed
not  be very up-to-date as my scope of view is  only  limited.  I
have  not based this list on rumours,  and therefore the  version
number  listed is that of the latest version actually seen by  me
or any of my direct acquaintances or trustworthy sources.
 Versions  rumoured  to  exist  will,   if  any,   be   mentioned
additionally between round brackets ("-" means "specific  version
number   not  known,   however"  -  I  would  surely   appreciate
information concerning these in that case).
 A version number between square brackets signifies a version  in
development,  if  known.  An  asterisk (*) before the  name  will
indicate that the entry has changed since the 'versions'  article
in the previous issue of ST NEWS, or that it was added since.
 But let's cut it.

 A  total  of 255 entries listed,  134 changed/added  since  last

 TITLE                           PRG/ACC/TXT/SRC  VERSION
 1ST MAIL                        P                3.06
 1ST WORD PLUS                   P                3.20TT
 1ST XTRA                        P                1.03
*ACOPY                           P                1.3a (1.3f)
 AMC GDOS                        P                3.21
*ANTIDOTE                        P                3.3 [-]
 ARC                             P                6.02ST
 ARCGSH                          P                4.1
 ATARI IMAGE MANAGER (AIM)       P                3.1
*ATARI WORKS                     P                1.0 [2.0]
 AT SPEED SYSTEM DISK            P/A              2.5
*AUDIO FUN MACHINE               P/A              1.02
*AUDIO SCULPTURE                 P                1.3
 AUTOMATION COMPACTOR            P                2.51R
*AUTORAISE                       A                2.0
 BACKGROUND MUSIC UTILITY        A                3.0
*BACKWARD                        P                2.52 [3.xx]
*BACKUP DELETION UTILITY         P                1.0
*BAND-IN-A-BOX                   P                6.0
*BITMASTER                       P                1.05
 BITTE EIN BIT                   P                3.7
*BOOTCONF (FALCON)               P                1.10
*CAL                             A                6.3a [-]
*CALSHOW                         P                6.3b
*CALAPPT                         P/A              1.22
 CALAMUS                         P                1.09
 CARDFILE                        P                4.03
 CBHD (CLAUS BROD HD DRIVER)     P                4.28 [-]
 CBHD CONF (DRIVER CONFIG)       P/A              4.07 [-]
 CHAMELEON                       A                1.19 [2.00]
*CHAOS DISK COMPACTOR            P                2.20
*CHECK OPEN FILES                P                1.03
 CHEETAH                         P                3.00
*CLOCKSETTER                     P                1.3
*CODEKEYS                        P?               1.3
*COMMAND PROCESSOR PROGRAM       P                1.0a
*CRACK ART                       P                1.36
 CREATOR                         P                1.1
 CUBASE                          P                2.01
 CWAC                            P                3.01 [-]
*DATA LIGHT                      P                2.12 (2.18)
 DBMAN                           P                5.10
 DC DATA DIET                    P                2.0a
 DC EXTRACT PLUS                 P                2.10
 DC SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE      P                2.0
 DEGAS ELITE                     P                1.1
*DESK TRACKER MT                 A                1.1
*DEVPAC ST / MON ST              P                3.10 / 2.10+
*DIABLO EMULATOR                 P                1.6
*DIAMOND BACKUP                  P                2.51 [3.0]
*DIAMOND DISK MIRROR             P                1.1
 DIAMOND EDGE                    P                1.13 [-]
 DIAMOND FORMATTER               P                2.3
 DICMERGE (1ST WORD PLUS TOOL)   P                2.10
*DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR        P                3.2
*DISKSPC                         A                1.07
*DISKUS                          P                3.0
 DOODLE                          P                1.0b
 DUPLICATOR                      P                1.2
*E-COPY                          P                1.6
*ED-HAK                          P/A              3.03
*EXTENDOS                        P                1.1
*FALCON BOOT                     P                1.2
*FALCON SPEED (PC EMULATOR)      P                6.0
 FAST FILEMOVER                  P/A              1.41
 FCOPY                           P/A              III - 5.2.1990
*FCOPY PRO                       P/A              1.0 (1.0c)
 FIRE PACK                       P                2.01
*FLASH II                        P                2.2
*FLOPPYSHOP ATARI CATALOGUE      T                6.2
*FLOPPYSHOP FALCON CATALOGUE     T                1.1
*FLYDIALS                        P                4.7
*FONT TRICKS                     A                2.0
 FORM DO IT!                     P                1.2e
*FPRINT                          P                1.0
*FUZZYCLOCK                      P/A              1.14
*GEM ++ (GEM LIBRARY)            S                1.7
*GEM BENCH                       P                3.30
*GEMINI                          P                1.99
 GEM TEST                        P                2.0
*GEMVIEW                         P                3.01
*GENEVA                          P                1.02
*GENUS 2                         P                2.1
 GFA ASSEMBLER                   P                1.5
 GFA BASIC                       P                3.6TT [4.0]
 GFA BASIC COMPILER              P                3.50 [4.0]
 GFA BASIC LINKER                P                3.02 [4.0]
*GFA BASIC 3.5 SYSTEM SHELL      P                1.5b
*GIGA DEPACKER                   P                2.2
*G+PLUS                          P?               1.5
 GUI 4 GFA (PREV. FRONT END)     P                1.1a
*GUITARISTICS                    P                1.96
 HANDY                           A                1.3
*HARDCHOR                        P                0.9ß
*HARDWARE REGISTERS LISTING      T                7.0
*HARLEKIN                        A                3.0
*HDI (AHDI, THE HD DRIVER)       P                6.06
*HD INSTALL (ATARI UTILITY)      P                5.00
 HDX (ATARI UTILITY)             P                5.04
 HISCORE TERMINAL UTILITY        P                1.0
 HOTWIRE                         P                3.0
 HYPERFORMAT                     P                3.29
 ICD HD BOOT                     P                6.2.0
*IMAGECOPY                       A                2.01
*IMPLOID                         P/A              1.2
 INTERFACE                       P                2.20 [-]
*INTERLINK                       P                1.89
*KANDINSKY                       P                1.57
 KAOSDESK                        P                1.4.1
 KLEISTERSCHEIBE                 -                2.33
*KNIFE ST                        P                1.23
*KOBOLD                          P                2.5
 KWIKVIEW                        P                2.1
*LAPCAT                          P                1.02
*LATTICE C                       P                5.6 (6.0)
*LED PANEL                       P                2.30
 LET 'EM FLY                     P                1.20 [-]
 LITTLE GREEN SELECTOR           P                1.8D
*LOOKIT (CODEHEAD)               P                1.2
 LUFTSCHLOß                      P                2.3
*LZHARC                          P                2.99
 MAGIC SHADOW ARCHIVER           P                2.3+
*MAG!X                           P                2.0
*MARCEL WORD PROCESSOR           P                2.2.2
 MASTERBROWSE                    P                2.6a
*MASTERCACHE                     P                2.77
 MAXIDISK                        P                2.2
 MAXIFILE III                    P                3.0
*M-DISK                          A                6.94
 MEGA CHECK 2                    P                2.01
*MEGA PAINT II                   P                3.01 (6.0)
 MEGA PAINT II PROFESSIONAL      P                4.0
 MEGATIZER                       P                2.4
 METADOS                         P                2.0
*MICRODOS                        P                1.21
*MICRO EMACS                     P                3.12
*MIDI MAX                        P?               1.3
*MIDI SPY                        P?               1.2
 MIGHTY MONO EMULATOR II         P                2.0
*MODEST                          P                0.8
*MODUL PLAYER                    P                3.1
*MONOPACK                        P                1.2
*MONULATOR                       P                1.85
*MORTIMER (DELUXE)               P                3.03 (3.10)
*MOUNTAIN QWK                    P                1.17
 MOUSE ACCELERATOR III           P                4.0
 MULTIDESK DELUXE                A                3.4a
 MULTI DEPACK                    P                2.0
*MULTI DIALOG                    P/A              1.03
 MULTITOS (MiNT)                 P                1.08
*MUSICOM                         P                1.0
 MUSIX32                         P                1.01
 NAME GENERATOR                  P                1.5 - 24-9-93!
 NAUGHTY UNPACKER                P                2.5
 NEOCHROME                       P                1.0
 NEOCHROME MASTER                P                2.28 (-)
 NEODESK                         P                3.03 [4.00]
*NEODESK CLI                     P                2.2
 NEWBELL                         P                1.1
 NEW DEPACK                      P                1.01
 NVDI                            P                2.50
 OMIKRON BASIC COMPILER          P                3.06
 OMIKRON BASIC INTERPRETER       P                3.03
 PACK ICE                        P                2.40
 PA PACK                         P                1.01
*PAULA                           A                2.2
*PLAGS                           P                2.0ß
*PFX PROGRAM PACKER              P                3.0
*PICSWITCH                       P                1.01
 PINHEAD                         P                2.1
 POISON                          P/A              1.71
*POPUP (CODEHEAD)                P                1.3
*POV RAYTRACER                   P                2.1
*POWERDOS                        P                1.12
 PROBE ST                        P                2.0
*PROFILE (SYSTEM CHECKER)        P                1.43
 PROTEXT                         P                5.52 [6.00]
*PROTRACKER/FALCON               P                2.1a/1.2p
*PS (PROCESS CONTROL), CPX       A                1.02
 QD PLAY                         P                3.1
 QUICK INDEX                     P                2.2
 QUICK ST                        P                3.03
*REDACTEUR, LE                   P                3.15 (4.0)
*REVENGE DOC DISPLAYER           P                3.10
 REVOLVER                        A                1.1
*RUFUS                           P?               1.35
 SAGROTAN                        P                4.17 (-)
*SEARCHER DELUXE                 P/A              2.01
*SELECTRIC                       P                1.10
 SILKMOUSE                       P/A              3.2
 SNAPSHOT (GST)                  A                1.04
 SOUNDMACHINE II                 P                1.0
 SPECTRE GCR                     P                3.0 [3.1]
*SPEED OF LIGHT (GIF VIEWER)     P                3.0
*SPEEDO GDOS                     P                1.0
*SQUISH II (USED TO BE DC SQUISH)P/A              2.12
*STAD                            P                1.3+
 STALKER                         P                3.02
 STDCAT                          P                5.2b
 STENO                           P                2.0
 ST_NCODE                        P/A              1.21
*ST MIRROR II                    P                2.61
*STOS BASIC                      P                2.6
*STOS COMPILER                   P                2.7
*STZIP                           P                2.4
 SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL          P                3.02
 SUPERBOOT                       P                8.1 [-]
*SUPER FORMATTER                 P                2.0
 SYSINFO                         P                8.37
 SYSMON                          P                1.0.6 [1.1.0]
*SYSTEM AUDIO MANAGER            P+A              2.21
 TCACHE                          P                6.0
*TEDDY TERM                      P                2.10
*TEMPLEMON                       P                2.01
 TEMPUS (EDITOR)                 P                2.12 (2.13)
*TEMPUS WORD                     P                2.80
*TERADESK                        P                1.38 [-]
*THAT'S WRITE                    P                3.1d
*TINY TERM                       P?               2.10
*TOXIS                           P                5.5
*TRUEDISK (RAM DISK)             P                2.0
*TRUE PAINT                      P                1.02
 TURBO ARC                       P                5.21
 TURBO ASSEMBLER                 P                1.7.2
 TURBO C                         P                2.03
 TURBO ST                        P/A              1.84
*TWO IN ONE                      P                1.03
*ULTIMATE VIRUS KILLER           P/A              6.1 [6.2]
*UNARJ                           P                2.41
 UNIVERSAL ITEM SELECTOR III     P                3.32
 UNIVERSAL PROGAM UNPACKER       P                1.08ß
 VIRENDETEKTOR                   P                3.1l [-]
 VIRENTOD                        P                1.8
 VIRUS FIXER                     P                1.04
 VKILL (MUG UK'S S.V.K.)         P                1.0
 VKILLER                         P                3.84
 WARP 9                          P/A              3.8
*WARP 9 CONTROL PANEL            A                1.6
*WATCH IT                        P                1.0a
*WELLER TOOLS                    P                3.02
*WHATIS FILE IDENTIFIER          P/A              6.6
*WINLUPE                         P/A              6.60
*WINREC                          P                1.35
*WORD PERFECT                    P                4.1 (4.2)
*WORD PLUS                       P                4.02
*WOWBAGGER, SON OF               A                3.5 [4.2]
*X-BOOT                          P                3.10
 X-CONTROL (ATARI EXT.CTRL.PNL)  A                1.31
 X-COPY PROFESSIONAL             P                1.3
 X-UTILITIES                     A                2.11E
 ZOO                             P                2.1

 If you know of any higher versions than the ones mentioned here,
please do not hesitate to drop me a line (or,  even better, quite
a few lines).  If it concerns Public Domain software, please take
the liberty to send me that particular latest version if you feel
like  it!   Please  send  anything  you  care  to  send  to   the
correspondence address, mentioned elsewhere in ST NEWS.
 If  you  send  a long and interesting letter with  it  (or  IRCs
instead) you'll even get your disk back (probably). 

The text of the articles is identical to the originals like they appeared in old ST NEWS issues. Please take into consideration that the author(s) was (were) a lot younger and less responsible back then. So bad jokes, bad English, youthful arrogance, insults, bravura, over-crediting and tastelessness should be taken with at least a grain of salt. Any contact and/or payment information, as well as deadlines/release dates of any kind should be regarded as outdated. Due to the fact that these pages are not actually contained in an Atari executable here, references to scroll texts, featured demo screens and hidden articles may also be irrelevant.